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7 Eco-friendly Bathroom Cleaning Tips

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Do you have a hard time cleaning your bathroom? Yes, It can be quite difficult to clean. But you should know that there are a lot of simple ways that you can tidy up your bathroom efficiently, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Sure, you can hire a professional cleaning company, but we understand some people prefer to clean themselves. I hope our 7 Eco-friendly Bathroom Cleaning Tips help you.

It can even be cheaper to use non-toxic and biodegradable materials compared to those you can buy in the supermarket that are filled with many harmful chemicals.

So, how can you clean your bathroom naturally without having to spend for expensive bathroom cleaning soaps? Don’t worry, because, in this article, we will be giving you some tips on how you can clean your bathroom naturally.

bathroom cleaning tips and tricks

Make sure you clean the mirror first

One of the first things you’ll notice when you enter your bathroom is the mirror. We all know how yucky and gross it can get. It can be covered in dust, and all other kinds of dirt, which sometimes makes it hard for a person to use.

If you are going to go with those standard glass-cleaning formulas you can buy from a super market; it can leave you with a blotchy or streaky kind of shine to your mirror, which is not okay. So try this method instead:

Start by brewing some tea. Make sure that it is solid like at least three bags of black tea. Once it is finished brewing, pour it into a bottle and attach a spray nozzle. Use this to clean your mirror with, but make sure that you use newspaper instead of paper towels so that you get a natural shine.

This method may seem a little weird, but it works wonders on your mirror. The best part about it is, you didn’t have to spend too much money and it is eco-friendly.

Clean your toilet on the regular

The second most important part of your bathroom that you need to clean thoroughly is your toilet. A simple home remedy you can use to get rid of bacteria is white vinegar. Yes, you heard that right!

In case you didn’t know, white vinegar contains germ killing, scum vanishing ingredients that help your bathroom stay fresh and sparkling clean. And the great part about it is, you don’t have to limit yourself to just your toilet, you can use it in different areas of the bathroom and all over your house.

Eco-friendly Bathroom Cleaning Tips Leave a Shine

If you want to try, first start by pouring the vinegar into your toilet and let it sit there for a while. As you are waiting, you can spray some vinegar on the toilet seat and wipe it dry with a paper towel.

You can also soak a paper towel with vinegar, and then just stuff it into the rim of your toilet and let it sit. You can now scrub your toilet bowl and toilet brush with vinegar as well to remove any stains or bad odor.

Remove the stuffed toilet paper or paper towel from underneath the rim of your toilet, and scrub the side with a cleaning toothbrush. Once you are done, you can flush the toilet for an overall toilet clean.

Don’t neglect your toilet brush

Some people completely disregard the importance of cleaning their toilet brush. Maybe because it’s the only purpose is to clean the inside of their toilet and nothing else. But, you should know that even after you clean your toilet and you leave it sitting, it still carries germs.

To prevent any bad odors, pour some all-purpose cleaner to the bottom of your brush holder. This will not only have a pleasant smell, but it will also keep your toilet brush clean constantly.

Green Cleaning bathroom sink

Get rid of shower scum

No one likes to get into the shower, only to find that there are shower and soap scum all over. Scrub the filth away by filling a dish wand with half parts dishwashing soap and vinegar.

Doing so will get rid of the shower grime from your walls, floors, and tub. Now, you can have a clean shower area free of dirt and grime.

Eco-friendly Bathroom Cleaning Tip to Clean hard water stains

Hard water stains are those that you can find on metal hardware, like your faucet or sink. Sometimes, these stains seem impossible to get rid of. Luckily, there is a trick to getting rid of these quickly.

Try slicing up a lemon and scrub down your faucet with it. Yes, you heard it right. Just a lemon. It might seem crazy, but this trick works, and even better there are no harmful chemicals involved.

hard water stain

The citrus in the lemon will help your bathroom smell nice, and the acid will break down any hard water stain in your bathroom. Or, if you don’t want to use lemons, you can always use white distilled vinegar.

The stains will break down the same way. Try using a toothbrush to get hard to reach places as well.

Don’t forget to clean your toothbrush holders

Out of everything that you need to clean in your bathroom, the toothbrush holder often gets neglected. This one is straightforward to wash, if you find that your toothbrush holder is getting clogged up with grime and soap scum, don’t forget to clean it.

If you neglect to include this in your daily routines, it can become infested with germs and bacteria. Just place it in the dishwasher and let your kitchen technology do all the cleaning for you.

Clean your shower head

Don’t forget that even your showerhead can also get grime. To clean this, you can use white vinegar. Depending on what you have to deal with, put in some white vinegar in a ziplock bag.

Attach the zip lock to your showerhead, and secure it with a rubber band so that it will stay attached. Leave it for at least 10 – 15 minutes, and then rinse it off with some hot water.

You will notice that the grime will ultimately come off, along with the hard water stains that can be found on top.

Eco-friendly Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Showerhead, Before and After

Try these simple tips in your bathroom

Cleaning your bathroom takes patience. Making life easier for you by using non-toxic ingredients that can help you get rid of stains and grime easily, will just be what you need to keep your bathroom in tip-top shape.

The tips mentioned above, are a few simple but effective ways to help you through your chores in the bathroom. We guarantee that after you try these out for yourself, you can have a great smelling, germ-free bathroom in no time.

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