squeegee and soap

The Best Eco-Friendly Window Cleaning Solution

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This simple green window cleaner will solve your window streaking issues. Here in Portland windows are notoriously tricky to keep clean.

We looked far and wide and found a solution that works great all the time to eliminate streaks. It is all homemade, and the ingredients are inexpensive to buy at any local store.

All Natural Streak Free Window Cleaning Solution

Here is what you will need:

1) 1/2 Dish Soap, preferably Dawn
2) 1/4 White Vinegar
3) 2 cups of water

For outdoor windows, you will also need a bucket and scrub brush. You may want an optional extension pole if you have second story windows. You will also need a water hose with an optional extension spray attachment. This is the same solution we use for our home and office cleaning services.

squeegee and soap

Step by step instructions to eliminate window streaks:

Best way to clean outside windows without streaks

Mix up the solution and fill up the bucket. Do not worry about the size of the bucket. Those who have larger windows may need a bigger bucket. Everyone else can base the size of the bucket on their needs.

Dip the brush into the solution, getting it soaked. Take the brush and start washing your window, scrubbing the window gently. Once this is done, use the spray hose and spray it clean from top to bottom.

Make sure you do this before the window has a chance to dry. Once it is dry, it will have a film on it and you will have to start over. This is part of what contributes to the residue that many people complain about.

Do not forget to get inside the cracks of the window. Residue hides there and will eventually seep back onto the window. It is better to get the outside of your windows first. This will give the excess water a chance to drain into the ground.


Here are 6 other ways to save $ on Green Cleaning in a handy graphic.

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save money on green cleaning infographic

save money on green cleaning infographic

Inside Windows

When you do the inside of your home, you will need to take a different tactic. You can still use the bucket, but you will need to keep the inside of your home clean while doing this.

Special Tips for Using This Cleaning Solution

1) You can do this by filling up a bottle and using that. The spray bottle will work better for the inside of your home. Use the bucket for the outside of your home. It will keep the mess down.

2) An extension pole is the better solution for getting those harder-to-reach areas. It works better than a ladder. Ladders tend to be more dangerous. There is a greater chance of falling off the ladder. An extension pole will not give you this problem. It also gives you a cleaner result without the streaking.

3) Do not buy a hard scrub brush. You need something soft. The harder brushes will more than likely cause damage to your windows.eco friendly Products

4) Always rinse after each area of the window. Rinsing will get rid of all the grim and nasty buildup. It will also leave your window looking cleaner when it dries.

Another thing you need to watch out for are the windows located in the direct sun. You do need to get them, but choose the time of day carefully. Do not wash these windows when the sun is hitting these areas. Wait until later on in the day, when the sunlight is not so intense. The sunlight will cause the window to dry much quicker.

Eco-friendly Tip

Use a streak free microfiber cloth. This will eliminate the need for the excessive paper towels. Paper towels do not get all the dirt and grim anyway, they pick up the dirt and put it back down unless you use a different one each time. This gets expensive and wasteful for the environment.

Now you know the best way to clean windows without streaks

Why waste your money on those expensive window cleaning products in the store that leave a nasty residue? Use this simple formula and watch the dirt fall away and leave your windows crystal clear. Get ready for your windows to have a cleaner, more vibrant look.

Are you too busy? Hire a professional service

Or if you are too busy, consider hiring a professional ec0friendly cleaning service like Clean Affinity.