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7 Fall Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms (and Dad’s)

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Ok, all homeowners in Salem and Portland can agree that summer left way too soon, right?

As you put away the swimwear and summer vacation memories, its time to do your end of summer cleaning.

With colder weather on our heels, it’s time to open the windows and enjoy the crisp air that autumn brings.

Now, its time to start thinking about Fall cleaning.

Granted, most busy moms get rid of winter when doing their spring cleaning.

It’s also a good idea to clean away the summer sand, stains, and the remnants from summer sleep-overs, too.


The following are seven fall cleaning tips for busy moms (and dads’) that will help you as you prepare for the holiday season.

Time to Let Some Clean Portland Air In the House

Before the colder weather arrives in the PDX area, enjoy the air that autumn brings. Now is the perfect time to air your house out a bit. Over the next few weeks take the opportunity to remove any strange smells from your home.seasonal leafs

Autumn is the right time for “airing” before you find yourself on cold weather lockdown.

Open the windows and let the fresh air flow through the house. Clean air will help give your home a clean air smell at no cost.

Most moms of teenagers can relate to the “need” of airing out their rooms.

As summer sleepovers took place so did musky smells.

Most teenagers have no clue when to start fall cleaning, so it’s up to the moms to get the old smells out. So, open those windows and let the clean air flow.

You will feel better when you have the crisp air circulating through your home.

Window Cleaning Time

Cleaning the windows is never fun for anyone. Cleaning your windows can be a dirty job. But, it is one of the primary cleanings you should do while the weather permits. Cleaning both inside and out will ensure a more manageable task for spring.

There are a few proven ways that are simple methods that clean windows best. One is newspaper and vinegar. Moms swear by this method is a winner in producing sparkly cleans windows. Another technique is microfiber cloths. Both ways are easy and affordable. Pick which suits you and wipe away.

Clean Out Your Closets

One other important step will be to clean out your closets and make room to store your summer clothes. Autumn is the best time to get your winter items accounted for and handy. Jackets, boots, and accessories take up a ton of space. Make room for these things in an area before winter arrives. Did you know we now serve Gresham?

how I feel after cleaning my closet

Now is the time to unpack winter pieces to clean and air out before snowflakes begin to fall.

Go through last years clothing for items you no longer wear and consider donating to a local charity.

Gathering boots and coats gives you a head start on what needs cleaning and what needs replacing.

Discovering that your winter boots have a hole in them on the first heavy snow is not going to be pleasant. Clean those closets out now!

Replace Your Furnace Filter

There may be some that will argue this cleaning tip should not make this list. But, it’s shocking at how much dust particles enter your home through your furnace. A simple filter replacement helps extend the life of your heater. It will also cut down on allergens in the air.

You may also consider having your furnace and ductwork inspected. Contact your HVAC contractor to schedule an appointment. The best time to have an inspection is before you need your heat. Add this to your fall maintenance things to do.

Check your Carbon Monoxide Detector and Smoke Detector

Autumn is the time to check your detectors in your home to ensure all are in good working condition. As the season change, so should the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Take into consideration of purchasing the newer and better products available as well.

First Alert Combination Detectors are among the best on the market. You will pay a little more but, there is no price on your families safety. Plus, it’s helpful to only need a couple of this model than several of each of the others. Buying the combination models saves you money in the long run. On a side note, also ask your office cleaning company to check the detectors

Flip and Vacuum Your Mattress

When the time comes to turn back your clocks, take the time to turn your mattress over, too. Pillow top beds that can’t turn over will have “body slumps.” You can prevent slumps by rotating the mattress 180 degrees.laying on clean mattress

To give your mattress a fresh smell and a good cleaning, sprinkle it with baking soda then give it a good vacuuming.

The Baking soda works as an odor neutralizer. Always be sure the products you use or “team green” that are safe for the environment.

Also, to remove stains, mix baking soda with enough water to create a paste.

With a toothbrush, scrub the areas then let them dry before vacuuming. Your bed mattress will feel and smell fresh and clean again. Be sure to add this to your seasonal chore list.

Wipe Down the Kitchen Cabinets and Walls

The walls and cabinets in the kitchen is an area that unless spills or stains are visible, get’s avoided. Most moms cringe at how much dirt, grease, and grime build up in these areas over the year.

A great cleaning solution for both walls and cabinets is the “Magic Eraser.”

coffee mug on a crate

Be sure to choose “green-clean” grease-cutting cleaners that will remove stubborn stains. Prepare to use some scrubbing power to remove the “yuck” off your cabinets.

After a while, grease and grime build up on cabinet and walls can be hard to remove.

Sticky hands, frying foods, and dirt in the air are the reason a good cleaning will help. Nothing looks or smells better than a clean kitchen.

Clean AffinityPortland Provides a Clean and Home For Your Family

We hope this blog on seven fall cleaning tips has given you some great advice.

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