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Green Cleaning Kitchens

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Here at Clean Affinity, we primarily do residential cleaning, including green cleaning kitchens. Kinda like a maid service, but we just do the cleaning part. No laundry or pet chores and such. Just good old-fashioned elbow grease with a scientific, methodical protocol and lean efficiency. And specifically, we provide a cleaning service.

In-Home Estimates for Green Cleaning – FREE!

We start all recurring service with a free in-home estimate. It’s your chance to meet us and get to know the type of person that will be in your home. It’s important to us that you trust us. We are the ones tasked with maintaining part of the largest investment you’ve made in your life, so we want you to rest easy knowing you’ve made the right choice of green cleaning service.

Make Time For What Matters – Green Cleaning

Elite Cleans

After the in-home estimate, we may suggest starting with an Elite Clean, a deep clean, a spring clean, whatever you want to call it. It will be a good, solid once-over of your home to get all the petrified stuff from the corners and dust bunnies from under the couches and beds. I love doing these cleans because of the transformation we produce! Your home will smell better – like your home minus the funkiness because we do not use any perfumes or scented anything.

Not even essential oils. Your home will sound different. There won’t be a layer of dust on every surface deadening the sound, and your home will have the tinny ring of freshness to it. My personal favorite is getting the front of the toilet bowl clean which somehow reflects 100x more light making the space seem bigger. (I’m a simple person with simple pleasures apparently.)

Classic Cleans

Now, these are what you want. Get set up on our schedule for recurring green cleaning, and you’ll never have to even think about cleaning again! You’ll just get a lovely email a couple of days before your scheduled clean giving you something to look forward to.

A list of what you can expect to be done can be found here.

But as much as I can ramble on and on with the wordiness of a wordster, at the end of it all, I’m a visual person. It’s probably the biggest reason that I am afraid of the phone and just can’t bring myself to do that bit of business on a regular basis, I need to see what is being said. So thank you for bearing with me while the voicemail message tells you to email me instead.

So I had this super slick infographic made to explain just some of the details you can delight in on a regular basis when you book recurring green house cleaning service with us!

Kitchen Cleans are top priority

Kitchen CleansIt’s why we clean them first. They’re the room of your house where grease and food are everywhere. And it should be! When there’s food on the walls of the bathroom, we get a little confused but do our thing anyway.

Kitchens have the most extended list of specific tasks that must be completed to pass inspection. I have spent years working on our defining our “styling” and cleaning protocol in a way that can be easily taught to new hires. The goal is to have everyone clean the same so that if your regular cleaner takes a well-deserved vacation, you hopefully don’t notice until you read the note signed by another person.

Some of the things that you can expect from us on a regular basis – things that your current company might not be doing – are highlighted in this trendy infographic:

green cleaning kitchen

If you’d like to see the complete version, we’ll trade you for it for your name and email address to be entered into our mailing list. It’s not spammy and opt-out-able.