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Green House Cleaning

Sometimes I take for granted that we offer green house cleaning. To me, it’s no big deal that we’re “green”… isn’t everyone “green” these days? By the way, we are now serving Gresham!

Our flavor of “Clean Affinity” = a genuinely clean house

Many people have this assumption that “green cleaning” means “it’s just clean enough, but not clean”… Which I can understand how some people may think that after trying some of the “green” dish soaps that are on the market… disappointing!

I’m too much of a DIY-er and don’t watch enough TV or read anything mainstream to run into marketing for green cleaning products. I hear a lot about Mrs. Meyers and 7th Generation and Honest and all that, and I do occasionally walk past them when I’m at Fred Meyer, but I can’t say I’m ever tempted to buy them to try them.

How we get your home “green clean”:

My belief is that cleaning is 10% tools/gadgets, 10% product power, 50% technique, and 30% attention to detail. See this nifty pie chart below:

cleaning chart

Cleaning Tools and Gadgets

Tools and gadgets are a money pit in my opinion. We keep a very simple, minimalist bucket because all the fluffy stuff I’ve ever tried was a serious waste of time, money, and space under the kitchen sink. I do understand the allure of gadgets to make green house cleaning easier… there is a certain amount of oomph required to get things clean. Elbow grease is hard to bottle and sell though.

Product Power

Product Power… this is where “green” loses out over “conventional” because of the assumption that some people carry that it just can’t be clean unless it smells like bleach. That’s just not true… not when it comes to your home at least. If you’ve got kids that are using permanent marker on the wall, that’s another story… but if it’s just some strawberry juice on every surface of your kitchen you don’t need anything toxic or harsh to clean that up.

(Side story: I am making strawberry wine today… I decided it was time to take a break when it ended up all over me, the ceiling, everywhere *sigh*… so I’m writing this blog post instead. I think I’ll be more successful at this. My ego needs the boost right now.)


Technique (elbow grease) is super crucial! I have done this  green cleaning thing long enough to know a good new hire just by the way they wipe a horizontal surface. Little things like folding your cleaning cloths, so you have eight clean sides, or using your finger to clean into the corner instead of leaving a sloppy rounded edge… these “little things” are enormous when it comes to how clean you can get something. The good news is anyone can learn these simple tricks and, trust me, every new hire hears all about it!

Attention to Detail

attention to detail - green cleaning

Attention to Detail… this is the politically correct way of saying “giving a shit.” If you want to get something clean, you have to want to get it clean. When I’m cleaning your home, I’m super jazzed about getting your place super clean! I want you to feel like you lost 20 pounds of emotional baggage when you walk into your home after I’m done with it. Your home should be so clean it sounds different when you come home. (This is my favorite part about Elite Cleans.)

Now… when I’m cleaning my home, it’s a very different story. Did I mention that my kitchen is now pink and sticky? I can’t even blame my two-year-old this time. Yeah… I’ll get to cleaning that up… later.

*closes eyes real hard and wishes for a fairy godmother to wave her magic wand and make it all disappear like it never happened*

*opens eyes*


Green House Cleaning

Empathy is an important part of cleaning!

Granted, this is just my personal philosophy, but it’s done me well in business so far! I do a lot of thinking about cleaning, and I do a lot of cleaning.

To be more precise, I do a lot of GREEN house cleaning. I couldn’t imagine using any other cleaning products than baking soda, borax, and our liquid cleaner. We’ve got thousands of microfiber cloths and HEPA filtered backpack vacuums and the multi-tool of all multi-tools: our mops. I’ll save elaborating on their glory for another day because I get excited about them.

So if you get nothing else out of this blog post, please get that we care about providing you with a home that is genuinely clean… and do it safely as well! We promise to never use harsh or toxic chemicals. We choose not to use anything with any smells or perfumes. Not even dyes or colors! Everything we use is as natural as we can find it. We hire the best and nicest people who are empathetic and caring… they also love to clean and are really good at it, too! You should check out some of our testimonials!

We do a lot of green house cleaning so if you’re looking for someone to help you out with that, give us a shout! Get an instant estimate right now!