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Some people are more concerned than others about the products we use. On the whole, the general consensus is what we use is of less importance than getting it clean. So while I did start this business offering green house cleaning services because that’s what I thought people wanted, they do care, but less than I had expected. I continue to make a big deal about what we use largely for the sake of my health and the health of my fabulous employees. We use Green Cleaning Products.

I’m a pretty “crunchy” person – no bra, no makeup, grow our food, filter our water, soap adverse type – I am very sensitive to smells to the extent that I could never buy a new car because that new car smell gives me a headache. I cannot clean for 8+ hours a day, in a cloud of even mildly toxic cleaning product, because it has the potential to bring me down… and I ain’t got time for that! The products we use are “ultra-green” and as nontoxic as I can find!

Here is the rundown of  the green cleaning products what we use:

Liquid product

Formerly known as Clean Via until they folded on that brand… we get the same formulation from the same manufacturer, but with a different name from a different distributor. Because “SC-1000 Aqueous Cleaner Concentrate” doesn’t sound very appealing, for lack of a better name, I just call it “liquid product.” We buy it in bulk, super concentrated so there is very little waste and we dilute it to different concentrations depending on the task. Ovens and anything requiring extra “oomph” we use about 5oz to a quart of water. For all-purpose cleaning, it’s more like 2 oz to a quart of water. It is made entirely from plants. I could go into the magic of the chemistry and how they were able to engineer a chemical workaround to avoid using petrochemicals, but that’s boring. Clean Via, back when it was going to be distributed as a retail product for household use (crazy expensive to do by the way), it was EcoLogo certified.

Baking soda

Baking soda

Yes, good ‘old baking soda. I use to use this stuff to wash my hair. (I am that crunchy.) We love it mostly for scrubbing kitchen sinks, tubs, and showers. A little bit goes a long way. Your grandmother would be proud, and you can be proud of your grandmother for pioneering green cleaning.


If you haven’t had the experience to scrub a long neglected shower with borax, you haven’t lived because trust me; it’s is exhilarating to watch shower change colors from yellow to white. Borax is a naturally occurring mineral, but I swear this stuff has it’s roots in magic and mysticism. Mix approximately equal parts baking soda and borax in a shower and the soap scum just melts off… with a little elbow grease. But compared to just baking soda alone, the synergy that borax brings to shower cleaning is legendary. Green cleaning magic.

Pumice stone

Pumice Stone

It’s a rock. I don’t think you could get your cleaning and greener than using a rock to clean. I’ve seen people have great success using it to clean ovens – it does NOT scratch! – But I don’t like the extra step of having to wipe so much rock dust out of an oven when I do not want to look at another oven ever again. It does work a slick bit of magic on toilet rings. Check it out. But remember, what happens in the bathroom, stays in the bathroom… do not clean your toilet and then clean your oven. That’s just gross.

Speaking of ovens, we ask clients to run the self-clean setting before our cleaning because it makes our jobs easier. To green clean ovens, we use heavy duty liquid product, a razor blade (makes the glass look brand new!), and a copper scrubby. It doesn’t take a lot of pressure; it just takes persistence and flexibility. Always clean the door first, so you have something nice to lean on. 😉

That’s about it for consumable green cleaning products. We choose to keep things very minimal because getting your home clean is more of attention to detail, methodology, and sheer willpower.

green clean home

The way we can get your home genuinely clean using such uninspiring products is this:

  1. We hire awesome people. Friendly faces that care deeply about their roles. We aren’t just house cleaners – or even green house cleaners. We are silent therapists bringing a little bit of space to lessen conflict in our client’s lives.
  2. We train remarkable people. Training is usually a four-week thing. We have to often break a lot of bad habits and instill new ones that work effectively with the products we use. We teach them how to hold their body for maximum “oomph” while avoiding injury. We do drills about the little things because green cleaning is NOT about spraying it on and rinsing it off.
  3. We ask for feedback ALL. THE. TIME… after every single clean, every single client will get a one-click feedback survey emailed to them. Your cleaner will get a very generous extra bonus for top marks so if you loved their work and you value our service, let us know! And vice versa – if we did a lousy job and you just didn’t feel the love like usual, let us know! And if you don’t fill in the survey, we will probably call you. So don’t make us call you. 😉

We run a lean green house cleaning service and now serve SalemBeaverton, and Gresham.We do everything in our power to keep costs low while still providing a stupendous service at a reasonable price. We pay our employees well, so they stay happy and stick around.

We do everything in our power to keep costs low while still providing a stupendous service at a reasonable price. We pay our employees well, so they stay happy and stick around.

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