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7 Holiday Housekeeping Tips To Relieve Stress

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Do you find yourself scrambling to get your home holiday clean and guest-ready? You indeed are not alone.

The procrastinators that wait until the last moment to do their shopping and get the Christmas cards out on time feel your pain.

The holiday seasons get here long before most are ready. However, just because you are running out of time to devote to having a clean holiday home,  does not mean you can avoid it altogether.

If you think you will rank high on Santa’s list just by fluffing the pillows and wiping down the furniture, you may need to rethink your strategy. The good news is there are ways you can get your home guest-ready without stress.   

The following post offers seven tips that with help you have a clean holiday house that will be merry, clean, and bright.

Focus on Your Entryway

Your entryway is typically the first area your guests see when they visit your home. Therefore, it is important that you clean the area as best as you can. Doing little things such as wiping down the front door and giving your doormat a good shake or two helps the appearance.  

Be sure to check your furniture in the area for dirt and dust that may have settled on the furniture legs and floors. These are details your guest will lay eyes on when their arrive. Therefore, be sure to clean these places to ensure a great first impression.     

Declutter Before the Holiday Decorating

While most wait until the holiday season arrives before trying to declutter the year-long “lived-in” look every home produces. The best thing you can do for yourself is to not put it off your holiday house cleaning until the week before the holidays hit.

A great goal is to do your decluttering before the season arrive. And, it is ok to toss the decorations and such a way if you have no use for it. Find one box and dedicate it to unwanted things and actually throw it away this year.   

If you come across stuff that you have had no use for over the past two holidays, get rid of it. Just box it all up and deliver it to your local thrift store for people who have less can get good use from it this year. Do not limit your donations to just holiday items.

As you are decorating get rid of all the other stuff that only seems to sit and collect dust.You will feel so much better thanks to your home and storage space appear more collected with less clutter.

Focus on the Kitchen

Have you noticed at last holiday gathers the “gathering area” was the kitchen? Beings that room of the house will probably once more be where everyone gathers around to make sure your kitchen smells and looks great.   

Nobody worries much about baseboards and windows every Saturday during “housekeeping” day. And for this reason, you may want to check out your baseboards and give them a wiping down. Don’t forget to flush the sink drains with hot water and dust the light fixtures.

Keep Decorating to a Minimal

Just because you tend to buy more decorations every year does not mean that you must use them all every year. If you are expecting many guests, you may want to keep the decorating to a minimum. Just keep in mind, the decorations you put up also have to come down.

The chances are high that a few days after the visiting and holidays is in the past, you will be the one left to clean. So don’t invite extra stress with more boxes of decoration to have to store.

If your house is the gathering point this year; stick with your tree, door wreath, garland and maybe a few holiday pillows and throws.There is no reason not to do decorating, just do so in a comfy and festive holiday with little effort.    

Keep Everything in Its Place for a Clean Holiday Home

It is always simpler to set something down to save a few steps instead of placing it back in its original place. That happens a lot when we are cooking, decorating, celebrating and crafting during the holiday season.

The answer to this is no. Just tell yourself no. Take the time to properly store these items in their place after you use them. You are saving energy and time in the long run. Not only will you keep your house looking cleaner, but everything will be in its place. Clean as you go to make life easier.

Spend 10 Minutes Each Day Picking Up The Clutter

Even if you and your family commit to putting things away when you use them does not mean your guest will do the same.

If you devote 10 minutes per day to picking up clutter in your house, this simple gesture will help you with keeping your home organized. You can carry a large basket and go room to room so you will have an easy way to take items from one place to the next.

You can choose this technique either the first 10 or the last of your day, and it will become a simple habit to do even after the holidays are gone. 

Follow a Cleaning Schedule

It is Ok to let some things go when you are busy with holiday events and parties. However, some cleaning tasks have to have attention sooner.

Like washing dishes and laundry, for example. When you fall behind on these two, all you have is more stress.

To help you out with when to do and what to do, create a cleaning schedule to work by through the holidays to keep yourself on track.


Hopefully, from this post, you have picked up a few holiday cleaning tips to help you get through this festive season.

What are your tips for assisting others to keep their home guest-ready throughout the holiday season?  

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