8 Clever House Cleaning Hacks

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Maintaining a clean home is vital for the well-being and health of you and your family.

As easy as seems, it’s not al simple task.

Homes that have children can become a dirty and messy nightmare quickly.

Of course, all parents would love to indulge in a home cleaning service, but this is not always a financial option.

It is necessary for a parent’s sanity to have a handy bag of secret tricks to rescue them from time to time.  

Whether you live in a small apartment or a sprawling house on a hillside, you will encounter the torture of looking at a multitude of cleaning scenarios you wish you could wiggle your nose and have them fix themselves; especially if you have little adults that think nothing of picking up behind themselves.

Unless you are itching for a spot on a reality show spotlighting dirty houses, you more than likely spend part of your day wiping the same area over and over and wondering why it is so hard to keep things clean.

Once you see how simple other people do cleaning hacks that save money and time, it’s hard to believe it wasn’t obvious, to begin with, right?

Here are  8 Clever House Cleaning Hacks that will no doubt make everyone’s life easier that struggle with maintaining a clean home.

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Use a cleaner that cleans everything

All-purpose cleaners are homeowners best friend when it comes to cleaning.

Not only are they a time-saver, but they also can clean just about everything. There is a multitude of recipe options available online. However, you will find that the simplest is also the most effective, such as vinegar or lemons    

The bonus to this is there is no need to spend a ton of money on name brand anti-bacterial cleaners, and that isn’t all that great for your health. A simple, effective cleaner involves nine units of water added to one unit of vinegar, and you will have a fantastic disinfectant that cleans and is safe to use.    

Storing the solution is simple by filling a spray bottle to keep handy for applying to the countertops and floors as you clean. Be sure to do a spot test before use for surfaces that stain easily.  

Keeping tile clean

Tile is infamous for getting greasy and slippery, especially if they are in a high exposure area to oils and water.

Your bathroom wall tiles or kitchen backsplash should have regular wipe downs to ensure they not only look great but that they don’t accumulate build-up.

Tile cleaners sold in stores contain contaminants and harmful chemicals that may be responsible for numerous health problems. Why not use a foolproof, home-made cleaner that works even better without all the toxic chemicals?  

A hard-to-beat solution is for your tiles is a solution of:

  • ½ cup of baking soda
  • Enough liquid dish soap to form a paste
  • Two or Three drops of your favorite essential oils for smell, such as tree or lavender oil

Add the liquid soap to the baking soda and stir until bubbles form, then add the essential oils. Apply the paste to a sponge or brush and clean your tiles. Wa-la-the results are stunning, quick, and easy.     

Stoves and Ovens

I think everyone can agree that stoves and ovens are a nightmare to clean.

Many store-bought products aren’t as effective as you need them to be and ripple with toxic chemicals. Just think of the times you spray oven cleaner and lose your breath due to inhaling the chemicals.

There is a safe way to remove grease, grime, and stains from your stove and oven by combining liquid soap, borax, and some hot water. Simply spread the mixture in the area to loosen the particles, then wipe clean with a rag or towel.   

If you find some spots still lingering, repeat the steps, and your stove or oven will sparkle in no time. If you have stubborn grease stains, try using baking soda, dishwasher soap and a few drop of warm water. The trick is allowing the mixture soak into the oil to loosen the particles.  

Cleaning the Sink

The bathroom and kitchen sink can turn into a slimy, dirty mess over time, especially if you don’t clean it daily.

There is good news, however.

No need to waste money on products available in stores when you can take two cups of baking soda, liquid dish soap, a couple of drops or water, and some lemon essential oil to do the job.    

Not only will the solution clean the sink, but it will also deodorize them as well. You can apply the mixture to a sponge or a soft brush and clean every sink in the house. It will also clean the hard to reach areas that dirt and grime find their way to and will ensure a healthy environment.


For Cleaning Windows

It’s no secret there are dozens of expensive window cleaners available in stores, but you can create your brand right at home that works even better.

The all-purpose ingredient of vinegar, a little liquid soap and water and you have yourself the best window cleaner available.

Once you mix the solution thoroughly, pour your contents into a spray bottle and use it on mirrors, windows, and other glass surfaces. This solution cleans your windows quickly and efficiently every time for a lot less money.   

For other ideas, add hydrogen peroxide to be more effective at cleaning, rubbing alcohol for disinfecting, and a couple of drops of peppermint oil for shine.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew in the home are one of the most severe allergy triggers for you and your family.

Addressing the issue is imperative as soon as you find it and the best DIY solution is a half-cup of baking powder, two cups water, three teaspoons of tree-oil known for its antibiotic properties.   

First, mix the tree-oil and water and spray the area where the mold and mildew exist allowing it to soak for twenty-four hours. Next, add the baking powder until paste forms and clean the area.  

Cleaning Chrome

There is no need to purchase expensive cleaner to clean chrome and steel appliances of the home.

Add a few drops of vinegar, dish soap,  and water to quickly clean and dirt and grease from these surfaces for a brilliant shine.  

Mix the solution in a clean spray bottle and when you are ready to clean chrome surfaces, apply the solution, let it sit for a couple of minutes, then wipe clean. Your steel and chrome surfaces will look as fresh as new in no time.

Use a carrying Caddy for Supplies

How often do you find yourself going back and forth to the cleaning cabinet to gather supplies?

Mom Ready to Clean

The answer is to invest in a supply caddy that can quickly go room-to-room with you. You can have all your rags, paper towels, bottles and other supplies all available making cleaning quick and easy.      


These simple house cleaning hacks will help you keep your home tidy and clean and a much lower cost than is wasting money on products that fill your home with harmful chemicals. And, the best part of all this is they each require little time and effort.  

Try these hacks, and you will find your cleaning time cut in half as well as a more efficient, thoroughly clean every time, always leaving behind great smells as well as clean surfaces.