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So I am of the worldview that you get out what you put in… if not right away at least eventually.

Give to get, you know?

As such, I put an outrageous amount of work into providing high-quality service with exceptional customer service because to me; there is nothing more valuable than my reputation and the reputation of my business. I hope you have felt and benefited from my labors as I am very proud of what “my baby” has grown into these days!

green cleaning boss ladyLately, I have been challenged with some staffing issues. Namely that there is too much work and not enough hands to do it all. I was unfortunately blind-sided by an employee (full-time) who quit without notice (this has only happened to me twice in the six years I have had employees!)… boy did I cry about that one…

As boss-lady, I am responsible for making sure the slack is seamlessly (well… as seamlessly as possible) picked up so as no client felt more than a slight wrinkle when it felt like my whole world was collapsing in on me.

It may seem overly dramatic, but I’m also 6-months pregnant with hormones all up to the left, AND we were just forced to rip the tub/shower out in the second bathroom which is a huge project when you’re DIY-ing it.

It’s been really difficult for me these past couple months to be able to be cleaning 40 hours a week AND hiring AND all the emails, voicemails, etc. I felt so guilty every time I saw that I had seven walks thru requests and 19 emails from clients to respond to, but just couldn’t emotionally bring myself to get to them any faster than every few days. So I apologize if anyone has felt as though I have been negligent in my duties or just outright ignoring you.

But the great news is that I have solved my training woes, and that has closed up all quality gaps. I have felt inundated with digital responsibilities, BUT I have to say that putting out fires has NOT been something I’ve had to deal with. So on the whole, my complaints are purely physical.

mopping posture - green cleansAlso great is that my body is crazy amounts of strong since I have been house cleaning as much as I have been lately!

With my first kid, I had to stop cleaning around five months because I honestly thought my back was going to break every time I mopped! However, we have since gotten new mops, AND I have done a lot of work with Cascadia Pilates and have learned a lot about posture and how to hold myself up straight. Thank you, Cascadia!

And even better is that there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. After a month of lousy ju-ju in the recruiting and hiring realm of business, it looks like it was just a freak streak of luck!

I have not one… not two… but three AWESOME, friendly, personable, loyal, hardworking new full-time hires in the pipeline and will be up to speed in only a couple more weeks! Hooray!

to the pointTO THE POINT

Here’s the point of my long story… we are again going to be in a position where we can:

  1. Be flexible! Need to reschedule? Not a problem!
  2. Accept new clients! Have a friend you want to refer? Send them our way!
  3. Keep three more full-time people busy!!!
  4. I will have time to do some of the projects I want to do! (Efforts to keep these people employed!)

One project is to be a connection point for our clients… Need a carpet cleaner? Need your air ducts cleaned? Want a good recommendation for a hair salon? I would like to be able to offer a starting point on your hunt for the right service!

So… do YOU have any favorite businesses that you would like to recommend to others? I want to know! Because I am going to reach out to these businesses and see what sort of individual exclusive deals or discounts I can negotiate for recurring clients of CA.

I think it would be so much fun to be able to leave all of our clients a coupon for a free appetizer or something for a neighborhood restaurant on their cleaning days because I know you come home and just look in awe of your sparkling kitchen and are hesitant to cook. 😉

OR! Say a client of ours has a cat with some intestinal issues that did a number on their wool rug (this happened to me once… I did not know what to do!)… I want to be able to leave a coupon for 20% off drop-off rug cleaning for Gallagher’s Carpet Cleaning.

You know… useful stuff.

Can we promote you?

Our house cleaning clients in Portland are seriously the best. Genuine, hard working people. For illustrative purposes: our clients chase us to make sure we get paid instead of us chasing them. Yes. I have only had one bounced check… ever.

For that reason, I want to promote our clients first.

Do you have a business or anything that I can tell other clients about?

Can I write a blog post about you? (Wahoo backlinks!)

Do you have some sort of coupon, discount, or promotion I can share with our other clients?

How can we help YOU?!

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