How to Whitelist Us

How to Whitelist Us

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We would be sad if you missed our emails!

It is crucial for you to have our email addresses “whitelisted” so you receive our emails.

As a client, you can expect to receive a reminder email at least 2 days before your next scheduled cleaning. We want you to get these so you have time to submit any special requests, or make changes to anything really, at least 24 hours before your cleaning.

After the cleaning you will receive another email asking you for your feedback about the cleaning. We use these to refine our service for you because everyone has different preferences. Some people LOOOOVE our toilet paper origami, others are too practical for that. It doesn’t hurt our feelings if you don’t like it! We just want to know so we can make you happy! 🙂

whitelist clean affinityThese are automated emails from a template and aren’t always very exciting, but they are important nonetheless.

So. How does one go about “whitelisting” an email.

Well. I just so happen to have this here link which I found mighty handy.


Let us know if you have any questions or issues! 🙂