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We want to give back!

Here at Clean Affinity, we believe in giving back to our supportive community and paying it forward.
We want to give you the opportunity to nominate a deserving person that you know for a 100% FREE deep house cleaning (up to 7 hrs). The exciting part? If the person that you nominated is selected the winner, YOU, as the nominator, get a free cleaning as well!

If you feel that you know a person in your life that deserves a have their inspiring story shared, then please fill in the form below and tell us about them. 

Why are we doing this?

Because we genuinely care. We believe that there are people out there that are in need of a clean home, that may be overwhelmed and stressed, dealing with chores that they are behind on, and we are the solution to their problem.

This is our chance to give back, so that is just what we are doing.

And this is your chance to join us. Helping you to be the best version of yourself is manifested in many ways. One of those is by allowing us the opportunity to give back to our community and telling us the story of someone in your life that is making a difference.

This fun event will happen once a month, so make sure that even if your nominee is not selected this month’s winner you return to nominate your person and share their story!

How it works:

  • You nominate someone that you know for a FREE cleaning by us, here at Clean Affinity.
  • Our techs than vote for their favorite submissions.
  • The winning nominee will get a FREE deep cleaning of their home (7hrs).
  • You, as the nominator will also get a free cleaning for yourself!

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First… tell us about YOU

If your nomination is picked, YOU get a free cleaning as well!

Who do you nominate?

Who do you know that could use the extra hand these days?

Tell us about it!

What is their story? Why are they the most deserving person you know? (max 3k characters)

We also support Cleaning for a Reason providing free house cleaning to cancer patients.

You can support them here!