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Green House Cleaning Jobs for the Mindful and Meticulous.

What we do

Green House Cleaning

Here at Clean Affinity, we provide a high end cleaning service service to the nicest clients.

We are growing extraordinarily fast and are always looking for long-term employees to join our team.

Everything we use is nontoxic and environmentally friendly. No funky smells or toxic chemicals for you! Hope that’s ok. 😉

This is hard work that is physically demanding, but it is so satisfying to see the transformation from lived in to lovely.

You WILL need a car for this job because how else will you transport supplies from your home to the job site? We don’t have an office space. We are a mobile business!


Genuine Green Cleaning: Mindful and Meticulous.
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Why Work with us

What We Offer

Independent Work

Usually we work solo, but sometimes you will be on a team. It all starts with one-on-one training to make you the very best. Once you pass that, you’ll get a pay raise and your own set of clients.
We reimburse for mileage and payday is every 7th and 21st with direct deposit.


We only use safe, green cleaning products! There are no perfumes or fragrances. No toxic chemicals or anything toxic. We do this mostly for YOUR sake… our clients appreciate it, too.

Living Wage

We pay well because you do hard work and deserve it! Not many places will pay you to get fit! 😉 Our clients pay for, and expect quality work which is why we pay competitively. We pay well hourly AND do generous performance bonuses!

Our Core Values

We value family and believe it to be foundational for a healthy, productive society.
We value loyalty to each other, our clients, and our shared goals.
We nurture a sense of camaraderie: mutual trust and friendship.
We are all about empathy and leading reciprocity.
We strive today to be the person we want to grow up to be.
We lead change by being the first to demonstrate it.
We are pragmatic, honest, and positive.
We acknowledge failure, learn from mistakes, and never sacrifice credibility by passing blame.
We know ourselves and our strengths and weaknesses.
We listen first and read between the lines to understand assumptions.
We want to be masters of paraphrasing and adept at asking clarifying questions.
We know that by improving our personal power, we improve the power of those around us.

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