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Biggest Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes: Are you Guilty?

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When it comes to giving your house a good hard cleaning, no room will require more work quite like the family bathroom.  

Once you realize how dirty your bathroom is, you vow to give it a good cleaning. 

Whoever is responsible for cleaning usually saves cleaning the bathroom for last and for a good reason; it is filthy.

Even though you are putting all you have into cleaning, you are probably making some of the most significant bathroom cleaning mistakes as other homemakers. What this means is your bathroom probably is not as clean as you think it is. That is pretty disappointing news, right?

This article reveals several of these mistakes you are making when cleaning your bathroom. See if any of these are the same bathroom hacks you use

1. Cleaning Only Certain Parts of the Toilet

Most people feel giving the seat, and inside the toilet, a scrub down is all it needs. However, outside parts such as the base, bowl, and the back get pretty filthy as well. If you are not keeping these areas as clean as the top section and inside the bowl, then you are wasting your time trying to get a clean bathroom.

Germs from the outside realm (especially if you have boys and men in the house, get my drift?) can travel especially to other parts of the room.  So let’s do a recap of important places to clean when cleaning the toilet. These are:

  • Base
  • Bowl
  • Back
  • The top part of the tank
  • Bolt Caps
  • Handles

Talking with the males in the household is not a bad idea, either. Men are reading this, do your part in helping keep the toilet clean. Keeping the hidden areas of the bathroom helps more than most realize.

2. Not Allowing Your Bath Cleaning Products Enough Time

a cleaning product which not allow in adequate cleaning time

Once you pour that expensive cleaner in the sink, toilet, or tub, do you give the solution ample time to work correctly? Our pros at Clean Affinity give all our product the time it needs that will help us give your bathroom the clean it needs.

Where you go wrong is, getting in a hurry to wipe the cleanser away. You are prematurely scrubbing before you give it time to do its job which is– kill bacteria, dissolve dirt and all the other yucky stuff. 

Be sure to read the labels on your products and follow the directions as stated. These eco-friendly manufacturers know what they are talking about when they tell the user to, “Spray on the area and give it time to work.”  Spray..back away..come back in a few minutes…scrub like crazy, got it? 

3. Neglecting the “active touch areas”

dont make this bathroom cleaning mistake or error next time

What do you feel in the most touched areas in your bathroom? If you guess the knobs on the sink, you are close, but, think a little more. The following areas are places you need to pay more attention to when cleaning.

  • Light Switches
  • Cabinet Handles
  • Faucets
  • Toilet Paper Holders
  • Shelves
  • Toothbrush Holders
  • Towel Racks

These frequently touched areas need cleaning on a routine basis. Areas such as these need your cleaning attention when your family members are fighting a cold, stomach virus or the flu. 

4. Not Cleaning Your Shower Curtain Liner

Cleaning the shower curtain and liner is probably the last thing people think needs cleaning. Why? Well, because they feel it stays pretty clean from all the showers. However, that is far from the truth. If you have mold and mildew attacking your grout and tile, then what is keeping it from growing on your shower curtain?

Just toss your shower curtain in the wash and add some baking soda in with the water to get it not only clean but refreshed. Be sure to use a gentle cycle and air dry the curtain. For the plastic liner, get a good cleaner that has baking soda in the ingredients and cleans the liner from the inside. 

5. Not Using the Exhaust Fan

an example of exhaust fan in the bathroom

Do you know the purpose of the exhaust fan in your bathroom

Do not worry; there are millions of people just like you out in the world that have steamy bathrooms. The fan has one job, to clear all the stream out of the bathroom after you have taken a hot shower.

The reason it needs to remove the steam is to cut down on mildew and mold. Makes it more interesting now, right? Turn your shower on a few minutes before you shower and leave it running for around 20 minutes after you finish.

You need to leave it running for about 20 minutes to remove all the steamy moisture that mold, fungus, and mildew love. That added moisture is what assist bacteria with growing in your bathroom.

If for some reason you do not have an exhaust fan in your bathroom, open a window up to let the steam out.

6. Using One Single Product as a Bathroom Cleaner Catch-All

a spray and a sponge which are products in cleaning the faucet inside the bathroom

If you think those disinfecting wipes you racked up on is enough to clean every area in the bathroom, you may need to rethink this

Every space in your bathroom needs its own cleaner designed to clean that particular area.

If you are cleaning your toilet bowl with the Windex you use on the mirror, this is not going to end well. Use a good tile-and-tub spray cleaner for your shower, tub, and sink basin, but save the spray-glass cleaner for your mirrors. 

Each area of the bathroom has its own product you need to use. Use your favorite tub-and-tile spray cleaner on the shower tiles, sink basin, and tub, but save the spray glass cleaner for mirrors.

You Can Always Hire a Pro To Clean Your Bathrooms

If any of these sounds like mistakes you are making, you are not the only one. It is simple to think you are getting your bathroom sparkly clean if there is no one to tell you otherwise.

Our professionals at both Clean Affinity locations, Salem House Cleaners and Portland understand this all too well. We not only clean your house from top to bottom, but we also will give you pointers to help with cleaning in between our visits. We are always happy to help.

Do not worry if you are making a few of the typical bathroom cleaning errors mentioned in this article; you are not alone. The truth is, cleaning houses just like yours is what we do, and we do it well.

Let us get you started with our team of cleaning professionals. We are always eager to help you and your family live in an eco-friendly, clean home once again. 

Call us today, so that we can put you on the path of having a clean, worry-free bathroom and living environment.