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We recommend all clients looking to start a recurring service start with an initial deep clean. We refer to these as our “Elite Cleans” and are a really big deal!

The goal is to scrub away all the dirt, dust, and petrified grime that has set up shop in the corners and surfaces of your home.

On average, these cleanings take about 3x longer than a standard “Classic Clean” because instead of a thorough wipe, it’s more of a scrub-scrub-scrub-wipe. It’s a very detailed process that just takes time to do it right!

We currently schedule the jobs as all day cleans. Depending on the size of your home, we may recommend 1-2+ people.

We work very efficiently. We have a proven method of cleaning that gets your home cleaner faster. It’s one of the reasons people choose us to clean their homes – we don’t mess around.

Elite Clean ServiceFor an “Elite Clean” House Cleaning Service, we start by removing all the cobwebs from the corners, ceiling, and walls. We do NOT bring a step ladder with us to gently clean light fixtures and ceiling fans and pot racks by hand so please make sure you provide one for us! (This detail is not assumed in our Classic Cleans and must be requested.)

Then we tackle the kitchen – likely the greasiest, grimiest room in your home. So we start there first while we are fresh and our energy is at its peak. During your in-home estimate, we asked if you wanted your oven or fridge cleaned. If you decided today was a day to really indulge and treat yourself, we’ll shine those up for you! We’ll also wipe and use a toothbrush to detail in the fine nooks and crannies of your cabinet fronts, counters, all over.

We do not clean inside any cabinets or drawers unless they are empty in which case it is technically a “move in/out clean.

While one person is cleaning in the kitchen another will start on the bathrooms (if there are 2+ people on the clean). Whoa boy, will we scrub on your tub and shower to get all that old soap scum off. Putting the work in now will keep the soap scum from turning to stone, and then recurring cleanings will be a breeze! No chemicals – just elbow grease and perseverance.

Then we dust. We use damp microfiber cloths to remove the dust instead of just moving it around.

We will pull out the furniture, whenever possible, to be sure to crawl back there to dust the baseboards and clean the floor underneath. Top to bottom, back to front, left to right until the whole place has been shined, aligned, and looking fantastic!

cleaning crewThen vacuuming. We use HEPA filtered backpack vacuums with very long cords so we can move around your home quickly and efficiently without wasting time plugging in in every room. We will vacuum underneath the couch cushions (not assumed for Classic Cleans and must be requested). We’ll vacuum under beds, under rugs, under furniture we weren’t able to move.

Then we mop. Again with a lightly damp microfiber cloth on a “homemade” industrial swiffer. It’s more of our “Cleaning multi-tool” that started its life as a drywall pole sander.  It’s one tool that gets lots done for us. We hand wipe the bathroom floors (do that for Classic Cleans as well) and also do the same for the kitchen floor (but use the mop for Classic Cleans). Most of our clients have wood floors. We like wood floors and think their great. We understand that wood and water don’t mix so we don’t get your floors wetter than they need to be and they are usually dry within a minute or two.

Once your home is clean, then we’ll spend a minute double checking our work and adding some finishing touches!

The goal is to scrub away all the dirt, dust, and petrified grime that has been hiding out in the corners and on the surfaces of your home. Then recurring Classic Cleans are faster and easier.

We work very efficiently and have a proven method of cleaning that gets your home cleaner, faster. We don’t mess around.

What to Expect


  • Cobwebs removed with high duster – not every time, but at least once a month or when necessary.
  • Light fixtures, ceiling fans, and the pot rack cleaned by hand. (If you provide step ladder)
  • Dusting with a damp microfiber cloth – the goal is to remove dust, not just move it. (A dry microfiber on electronics, of course.) – Scrub. Scrub. Wipe the dirt away.
  • Baseboards… all of them. We’ll even pull the furniture away from the wall (if possible) to clean the baseboards!
  • Tidy beds – or change the sheets if you’d prefer
  • Vacuum floors (note: we will open all doors just to be sure we aren’t missing anything and to vacuum closet floors a bit.)
  • Vacuum outside AND inside of upholstered furniture
  • Damp mop hard floors


  • Thoroughly clean outside of cabinets and drawers (note: we will open cabinets and drawers ONLY in your kitchen)
  • Get those pesky cobwebs and goobers that live on the kickboard
  • Scrub down backsplash with extra attention to high use areas like around the stove and sink
  • Move all items on counter to clean into the corners and wipe all of those items down
  • Wipe down small countertop appliances
  • Empty toaster crumb tray
  • Clean inside and out of the microwave
  • Wipe down outside of fridge (inside is by request) and polish stainless with oil if necessary
  • Wipe inside and out of stove hood
  • Field strip/disassemble stove top to clean it thoroughly in the sink
  • Wipe outside and gasket of the dishwasher
  • Clean window over the sink
  • Hand wash a few dishes if necessary – as many as will fit safely on a standard dish towel
  • Scrub sink with baking soda including down and around drain
  • Scrub floor on hands and knees
  • BY REQUEST: inside oven and inside the fridge


  • Shake out bathmats
  • Scrub tub/shower with ample amounts of elbow grease and professional know-how
  • Toilet cleaned thoroughly including wiping surrounding floor and walls
  • Pumice water ring in the toilet if necessary
  • Clean mirror with hot water and a learned finesse
  • Sink and counter cleaned – moving items to clean underneath them
  • A careful consideration of your toothbrush… our cleaner is nontoxic, but it doesn’t taste fantastic, so we’re careful about over-spray.
  • Wipe floor by hand

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