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digital deadbolt for our cleaning crew

Access to your home in a timely manner is super important. Our employees are gung-ho and ready to green clean your home so don’t let them down by not having a clear, explicit plan for how to enter your home on cleaning day!

We do not keep keys for our clients. We did once, that was a nightmare making sure the right person got the right key and they got it back to the office. To dramatically reduce costs, we got rid of our leased office space and adopted a “lock box” policy instead.

How Can You Help our Cleaning Crew?

cleaning crew

Keep your key at your home secured in a coded lock box… or a digital lock works, too. You just give us the code and tell us where you have strategically hidden your lock box.

We DO have a few left for sale at cost price. Just let us know if you need one! $19 for screw mounted and $24 for over the knob.

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How Do These Devices Work? Watch this simple video.

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