FAQ: Skipping a Cleaning

FAQ: Skipping a Cleaning

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Life happens,  We understand you may need to skip a cleaning

green cleaning servicesKids are sick. Or it is another no-school day. Or the weather has Portland traffic at a stand-still.

The last thing we want for you is one inconvenience heaped onto another.

This is why we make it easy to skip or reschedule your appointments as necessary to stay flexible and stay in control of your life.

We understand that when your kid is sick, someone has to stay home with them and feed them chicken soup and put in more cartoons for them to watch. This is just a fact of being a parent.

Or.  when the heavens open and dump epic amounts of rain onto Portland’s aged, disintegrating storm sewer system closing roads and making traffic into the ultimate test of your meditation practice.

These are days when it is easier to just play it by ear. Go with the flow. Take it easy. Stay home.

These are probably NOT the days you want us trying to share your space with you.

You have a couple of options:

A.) Reschedule for a different day


B.) Skip this cleaning

If you would like to reschedule, no problem. We will keep your schedule as always, but move this one cleaning around a bit.


Skipping a Cleaning

green cleaningIf you would like to skip the cleaning, what we do is we then add an extra hour of time to your next regularly scheduled cleaning. The rate will be $45 more than your regular quoted rate.

We will fill that extra time with some cleaning task. There is always something that could use the extra attention. Maybe the inside of the fridge! Or maybe we will mop under the bed. Or maybe we will pull the furniture away from the wall and clean the baseboards.

The idea is to make sure we can bring your home back to the standard that you have come to expect from us. We do not want a missed cleaning to be the beginning of the slippery slope making it difficult for us to keep on top of it all for you.

Please let us know if you have any questions!