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Home Cleaning and Maid Services in Gresham

Gresham is a city located in Multnomah County, Oregon, United States, immediately east of Portland. Though it began as a settlement in the mid-1800s, it was not officially incorporated as a city until 1905, by which it was named after the American Civil War general, and Postmaster General, Walter Quinton Gresham.

Mindful and Meticulous

The Home Cleaners For You

Who doesn’t appreciate and want a clean home? Who has time to clean? Let us do that work for you — weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

We have been cleaning homes in the Gresham PDX area for more than 5 years.

Why be stuck inside cleaning when you could be enjoying one of our great parks such as East Gresham Park, Red Sunset Park, and Clatsop Butte Park, an upland butte.

Recurring Classic Cleans

We start this service with a free Welcome Visit. It’s a quick meet-and-greet in your home and recommended so that we can guarantee your happiness with our service.

We usually begin with an initial Elite Clean: a thorough deep cleaning of your home.

Once that’s done and we’ve set the standard, we’ll maintain it with regular Classic Services that are easier and faster.

Our caring and careful crews start by tidying the major furniture pieces.

sparkling clean house after maid service

Dirt, grim and clutter tends to gather on level surfaces, so we clean off every single hard surface — even the highest shelves. We use a weakened lemon cleaning agent. Families with specific allergen sensitivities will be thankful. In the end, your furniture will be sparkling!

Let our quality cleaning staff return your home to tiptop shape and keep it orderly. We make our service convenient for you with reminder emails and automatic payments.

Get started.

Classic Cleans are recommended for anyone who wants a recurring maid service from a cleaning company in Gresham, OR with great reviews.

Genuine Quality House Cleaning Services IN Gresham

Your Local Residential Cleaning Services

Historic house near the Jacob Zimmerman Home

Mindful and Meticulous Maid Services

No more stress over a mess. In fact we just did a huge top to bottom clean by Mount Hood Community College .You have a game plan when you let a reputable cleaning service for the home assist you.

Need to get pet stains out of the seat cushions? If previous washings haven’t done the job, then it may be time to let our cleaning specialists help. We may suggest some steam treatment methods to get rid of the most noticeably awful stains.

Wine stains? They may need to be pre-treated with a spot remover. Indeed, even old stains can be removed if you know the right tips and tricks. Now and again, when special cleaning services are needed, we may ask our customers to leave the premises for an hour or so while the treatment is taking effect. We make every effort to help you with these cleaning challenges so that you’ll come back to a house that looks and feels fresh and new.

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One-Time Cleaning Option

Maybe you’re expecting company in town to visit the Plaza Del Sol. Or you’re moving into a new home. Or you want to lease a spare room and have to get it ready before the visitor moves in. But you’re hyperventilating over all you have to do. Cleaning your home doesn’t have to be a stressful undertaking. We’re here to make your home sparkle!

For One-Time Cleans we do not make a welcome visit, but we will be in touch with you on your scheduled cleaning day to answer your questions!

One-Time Cleans generally follow our Elite Clean checklist. It’s a proven method for thoroughly cleaning a home.

We do a complete sweep of the house first, with the specific end goal of getting the bigger items of clutter and dust off the floor and other surfaces. After this, we do an intensive vacuuming. Truth be told, most homeowners know there are areas of the floor that have not been touched for quite a long time, maybe even years. Vacuuming under the bed, for example, can turn up a lot of dust bunnies. Top-notch vacuuming of floors and upholstery will brighten your home and it’s part of our service.

Elite Clean

We do not start with a Welcome Visit for this service, but will be in touch with you on cleaning day if we have any questions!

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  • Classic Cleans

    A regular, thorough cleaning of your home.

  • Regular Cleaner

    We aren’t perfect, but we do our damndest to give you the same cleaner.

  • Regular Schedule

    Set it and forget it. Reliable and consistent with a friendly reminder!

  • Elite Cleans

    A thorough scrub. A deep clean.

  • Vacant or Occupied

    Move in/out or just help to get back on top of things! Any occasion!

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    Confirm your cleaning with little hassle or hubbub and check it off your to-do list!