How To Get The Best Cleaning Experience

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Investing in a home cleaning service is a big deal for most people. If you have never had the experience of having someone come clean your home before, you may feel slightly overwhelmed. Your home is your safe and private place. It’s important that you choose a company that treats your sanctuary and belongings with the proper respect. I know I get super anxious and very nervous having someone clean my home because they get to see how I really live. I don’t get my home cleaned often.

Here are some tips to help you get the most from your experience with Clean Affinity.


At Clean Affinity, we have a very specific system of how we clean. We put a lot of time and effort into our training process so everyone cleans the same way, at the same approximate pace.

Efficient cleaning is VERY important and we have spent years refining our system so we can get more clean with less time.

Here are is the ACTUAL training video that we use. It will give you an idea of how seriously we take training and efficiency. Click Here

A crucial take home from the video is our “sequence” for cleaning your home.

  1. Cobwebs
  2. Kitchen
  3. Bathrooms
  4. Dusting
  5. Floors

We always work in that order UNLESS you are home or we know you may come home early. The last thing we want is for you to come home when your floors are still slightly damp because it leaves footprints to walk on damp floors. So to fix this, we clean a single room, level, or area of your home from top to bottom so that if/when you come home early you have a nice place to hang out where we won’t be in your way. Once that space is cleaned, then we will follow the sequence as above.

You will get more cleaned in less time if you let us work our system. I guarantee it.

It also helps, but is in no way necessary, if you aren’t home. It is your home so you are always allowed there, but it helps us find our “groove” if we are uninterrupted.

It is always appreciated if you are home to give us a quick tour of the place and point out any areas that are extra important to you.

Adding thing to our list of things to do once we have started is a sure-fire way for everyone to end up frustrated. Let us know in advance what you want done so we can find the most efficient place for us to fit it into our sequence.

Tidying and preparing your home

The fewer things that are out the better the whole place will be cleaned. This is the proverbial “cleaning for the cleaners.”

That said, we are human too and we know that life happens!

We are more than happy to wash a few breakfast dishes or put kid toys into totes or baskets.

It WILL be more difficult for us to get more actual cleaning done if we have to hand wash a significant amount of dishes (more than will safely fit on a dish towel without stacking) or if many surfaces are covered in paper, tchotchkes, and other stray bits.

We completely understand that battle of the “hot spot” in your home where little things that don’t really have a home stay and may stay for a long time. Everyone (and we’ve seen a lot of houses) has an area or two like this, we know how to work around it.

The problem comes when a majority of the surfaces of your home are covered in bits and pieces.

Here is our decision making flowchart for how to dust or clean surfaces…


We take communication very seriously. We prefer to communicate thru written means. We often put our phone straight to voicemail because we get soooo many spam calls, it’s not worth the cost of paying someone to answer them. You are always welcome to leave a message and know that we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The BEST way to let us know things is to email us. We send you a reminder email 2(ish) days before your cleaning day. This is a great time for you to let us know of any special requests or areas you would like for us to focus on.

All our staff can fluently read, write, and speak English so you are more than welcome to leave a quick note or speak to them in person on cleaning day.

After every cleaning, we will send you an email with a one-click feedback survey inside. It takes almost no time at all, but we use the information in BIG ways in our business. We aim to hear from every client after every clean. We don’t make phone calls often, but we will if we don’t get a feedback survey from you!

We are trained professionals, but we aren’t magicians. We can only do the very best we can with what we are given. If we screw up – and we are only human so it will happen eventually – we want to know about it so we can fix it! We want to know what you noticed and what you did or didn’t like so we can include that detail on your profile making your next cleaning even better!

In Summary

The 3 best ways to get the most out of your house cleaning experience with Clean Affinity are:

  1. Let us do what we are best at.
  2. Tidy and put things away as best you can.
  3. Communicate any changes to us in advance.

Email us if you have any questions! We are more than happy to help. 🙂