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How To Safely Clean Electronics

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No matter how well you keep your home clean, dust, dirt, and grime will find its way to your electronics and call it home.

According to research, the cell phone you use is dirtier than what you think.

Just think about this, how many times do you pick up your phone, put it down wherever, then pick it up again? There have to be at least a gazillion germs on your phone that you hold all the time.

That within itself is enough to gross you out a bit, right? In the study, 92 percent of cell phones tested positive for harmful bacteria.

Moreover, one in every six phones tested positive for E. Coli.

Between your purse or pockets, to lying on tables while you eat, do you really think your electronic gadgets are germ-free?

In this blog, we are going to learn how to clean electronics properly.

When you think about electronics, you more than likely think of your tablet or your TV.

Yes, these get filthy. In fact, we were recently cleaning a home in Salem and the flat screen must have never been dusted.

However, what about your other electronics? You do not have to use a microscope to understand your gadgets, (all of them) are disgusting filth magnets.

Cleaning Electronic Gadgets

“I think there is something wrong with my laptop.” How many times do you say this each couple of weeks?

Maybe more if you do more than work on your laptop. I mean, most people think their computer is a food tray and aren’t paying attention to how much of their lunch is now on the keyboard.

two boxes of pizza and coke cans in front of a red laptop

Grease, dust, dirt, and grime accumulate on the screen of electronics at frightening speed.

Crumbs and hair find seams, nook, and cracks with deadly accuracy. A once shining surface falls victim to strange discolorations causing a  mysterious coloring to take over.

Everyone can agree that a neat gadget looks nice, but a sterile electronic can help push you through the cold season.

No Specialty Items Are Necessary

You might be asking, what can I use to clean my laptop screen or my other electronics?

Other than a few items, most things that you will need you probably have already at home. And, if not, your local hardware store has what you need.  “Electric Cleaner,” “Electronics Cleaner,” and “Electronic Cleaning Clothes” are overpriced and rebranded everyday household products. 

The majority of your favorite gadgets you can clean with these tools to make cleaning easier:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Microfiber Chamois
  • Pure cotton cloths

When you clean a laptop screen or any screen, it should be a light, dry wiping down with a microfiber cloth.

Never use paper towels as they are abrasive and may articulate any dirt across the screen causing scratches on the coating.

Once you have dusted the screen soak your cloth in distilled water. (Tap water is too coarse from minerals). Now run the Chamois cloth across one-sid-to-other softly. After two or three strokes fold the towel to a dry side then wipe it clear with the clean part of the towel.

For more hard-to-clean finger smudges or tar from cigarettes, use a mixture of the alcohol and water in equal amount. One caution to portable gadgets such as an iPad or iPhone, some mobile devices, such as the iPhone and iPad have a unique self-cleaning coating that prevents smudges.

Some with oleophobic coatings can actually be damaged if alcohol is on the screen. For those devices, water is best to use.

With electronics, stay clear of the devices screen edges. There are very unsafe entry points for moisture around the edges. Use a dry cotton swab to clean the dirt away from the sides.   

50/50 Mixture Cleans It All

This 50/50 alcohol mix is a one-size-fits-all cleaning fluid.

There is nothing that this concoction cannot clean. You can clean your mouses, remotes, keyboards, and other metal and plastic surfaces to kill bacteria and remove grease and dirt buildup.

a closeup of a black keyboard with debris and dust

To clear hard-to-reach debris and dust that has taken over your gadgets such as the gunk between the keys of your keyboard, use a can of compressed air. Compressed air will blast and free all those stubborn particles.

You can buy this product at any retailer that sales office supplies or one that has an electronic department for about $10. However, keep the can upright while in use. Using compressed air that is upside down will spray your electronics with a weird mist of difluoroethane, which is a liquid fluorocarbon.

The only device that requires a specialty type of equipment is a camera. Cleaning a lens with a cloth such as your shirtsleeve can break down delicate lens coatings. Lens cleaners come with protective tips that are perfect for cleaning your camera. 

Tips to Follow

  • Be sure to turn your keyboard off or unplug before you start cleaning.
  • Be sure to clean your mouse. Most people forget this part, but, take a q-tip and dab the bottom to clean any gunk it has from scrolling on surfaces that are filth magnets.
  • To clean your trackpad, use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. You get it wet, wring out the water and lightly wipe your keyboard, track board, and laptop body.   


As technology unfolds, so will more gadgets that you will need. Each one takes a pounding during a full day.

Whether it be your remote, cell phone, tablet or any other electronic gadget or components, cleaning them is necessary.

a closeup of a tablet, laptop, sunglasses, and camera organized neatly on a black surface


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