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Portland Office Cleaning By Clean Affinity

Now offering cleaning services for office buildings throughout the PDX metro area.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Quality Portland Office Cleaners

The appearance of your business space is important, not only for customers who walk through your doors, but for employees who require a clean, safe and healthy workspace where they can be productive.

At a minimum, your staff spends 40 hours each week in the office completing projects that help move your business forward. Each person has specific tasks that they are in charge of handling and an area to work on those assignments. With all of those hours spent in one single area, your office space probably requires a thorough professional cleaning on an ongoing basis.

Of course, you could attempt to clean the space yourself, delegate simple cleaning duties to employees, but this would mean that they would lose focus on the direction of your business.

The solution for this is to utilize the commercial cleaning services that our company offers. By hiring our Portland janitorial services, you’ll be tapping into a local business that has offered commercial building cleaning and home cleaning services since 2001. We take pride in offering quality, dependable service to businesses that are located in the Portland Metro area and look forward to working with your business.

We also offer House Cleaning Services in Portland.

Commercial Cleaning Service

Genuine Green Commercial Cleaning

Every business has their own unique set of circumstances. We take pride in our ability to offer medical office cleaning as well as other cleaning services. Whether you are a group of accountants or a team of lawyers who need your office space cleaned, you can rest assured that your needs will be met. Our goal is to slip in during our scheduled cleaning hours, complete our work and slip back out again. You probably won’t even notice or realize that your office stays clean. It’s not the fairy that comes to visit you, it’s are dedicated crew who is busy at work.

Maintain a Healthy Environment For Your Workers

Contracting our office cleaning services creates a healthier environment for your employees. Our trained staff specializes in providing proper sanitation practices that will ensure that your office stays clean and productive. The last thing that you want is for anyone in your office staff to come down with the sniffles or catch a bug. A clean office adds health benefits and keeps everything on schedule.

Our services also save you time and money. Utilizing our commercial cleaning services means that employees will not be sidelined by clearing out wastebaskets or cleaning counters. They have more important projects to work on and should be focused on your business, not throwing out the trash.

A clean work space also offers a great first impression to your visitors. You want to have an and orderly space that invites people in. Whether it’s noticeable or picked up on a subconscious level, having a clean environment feels more hospitable and also gives your company a good reputation. First impressions indicate a lot about how a business handles its work — your business wants to give the best first impression that’s possible. To start taking advantage of all of these benefits, give us a call.

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Now Offering Medical Office Cleaning

We understand you have many choices when selecting office building cleaning companies.

Let our fully trained staff relieve the burden of maintaining your property and feel confident that your business will be cleaned by a professional team that has been helping local Portland businesses for over 15 years! Our rates are highly competitive and we are insured and bonded.

If you have any questions, be sure to contact us so that we can provide top-notch office building maintenance services for your business. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

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