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Your Ultimate Guide to Portland Oregons Vintage Shops

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Vintage shopping is a journey, one that often ends in the weird (weird in a healthy way) places. It should be like that, right? Walking through vintage shop should be refreshing, invigorating; reminiscing…

But finding vintage shops in Portland is hard, especially in Oregon; we want to help you with that. We thought about organizing the article by categories, but that didn’t make sense. Why?

Well, while some of these vintage shops specialize in something (i.e., vintage shops for clothes, for furniture, for accessories, etc.), most offer diverse merchandise. Instead of categorization, we will use shop by shop method, highlighting the most prominent services and goods. Does that make sense? We hope it does.

Vintage Pink

2500 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Vintage Pink is a mixture of a vintage clothing shop and antique plaza. It is clean, decluttered and well-organized, having nicely displayed items for the affordable price.

You can find stuff dating all the way to the 1920’s, clothing from the 50s and 60s. Staff is amiable, always anxious to step in and help you find the item you want. Oh btw, the store plays excellent music (funky and weird at the same time).

In Vintage Pink, you will mostly find mid-century furniture (well, the 50s to 80s), accessories and decor. It is also a great place if you want to buy nick-nacks!

Hawthorne Vintage

4722 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Mid-century: books, furniture, electronic appliances, and records, lots of records (pricey records!). They also have a fantastic collection of coffee tables. Now that I think of it, Hawthorne Vintage is a perfect place for people who want to fill their new apartment with vintage stuff.

The store is clean and well organized, having helpful stuff and fair prices. Well, some prices are unreasonable, but the owner (Jessica) is open for negotiation (if you are a smooth talker!)

The place is enormous, with lots of vintage lights, vintage fabrics, art, decorations, housewares (especially mid-century Pyrex bowls). Btw, if you didn’t notice, the three stores we described are on the same street, so, yeah, maybe you should take the day off!

Simply Vintage Co

1100 SE Division St

Simply Vintage Co is anything but simple. The store’s style is sophisticated, a mixture of modern and vintage (modage?). Anyhow, it is crawling with colorful dresses, but well organized (organized by colors, which I found very intriguing and harmonizing).

Staff is more than helpful, and the atmosphere is chilled as if everything is as it should be (hope that makes sense to you, reader). You can also find amazing gifts there, such as mugs and candles (candles were adorable IMO).

Those who seek dresses (from the 1950s to 2018) but have no idea what they are looking for, speak to Sarah, the owner of Simply Vintage Co. She will undoubtedly help you find the dress you need.

Rebels and Heroes

429 SW 10th Ave

Rebels and Heroes is a very cool name for a shop (I had to say that, don’t know why). More importantly, Rebels and Heroes is filled with vintage clothing, Levis 501s, boots, leather jackets, this jackets, that jackets; a lot of jackets!

The store also has a lot of T-shirts, particularly bowling T-shirts. However, prepare your wallet, since some of these shirts are a bit overpriced. Then again, you can buy Levis pants for less than 30$, so, we won’t complain, right?

Owner (Todd) is amiable, ready to jump in and save the day. The store itself is compact but very well organized, decluttered and smooth. Rebels and Heroes is more of a guy’s shop, but ladies won’t feel neglected; they too can find some vintage clothing, especially shirts.

Red Fox Vintage

3014 NE Killingsworth

This vintage store is impossible to classify, literally! It’s filled with all sorts of crazy stuff. But what impressed me most was the fact that the Red Fox Vintage was so organized, despite the vast array of different things.

It’s random: on the one hand, you have the Japanese silk coats, on other, you find paintings and 1950’s, right next to the modern Catalina swimsuit. Get the point? Nevertheless, it somehow makes sense.

Red Fox has a lot of decor, paintings, accessories, hidden treasures (watches, wallets, handbags, dolls). Prices are okay, bargains non-existant. The store doesn’t have a lot of furniture (it is a small store), but you can find a piece of small furniture here and there.


707 NE Fremont St

Rerun is one of the most popular vintage stores in Portland, filled with affordable boots, clothes, vintage dresses, and tons of household appliances, tools, and devices (all vintage).

Because the store is so popular, they rotate the merchandise frequently, which means that you can always find something new in there. It can get overcrowded, but not that often.

Rerun also has very cool and user-friendly staff. They are honest and helpful, suggesting items, helping with gifts, checking merchandise on the spot and in front of you, not in some dark warehouse!

Books and clothing, appliances and music records: that pretty much sums up the Rerun. It’s a crazy shop, but well worth checking, especially if you DON’T know what you are looking for.

Red Fox Vintage Woodstock

4528 SE Woodstock Blvd

Yes; we already mentioned one Red Fox vintage, but this one is larger. Red Fox Vintage Woodstock has many vendors, each offering something unique.

Here, you will find vintage household stuff (I loved the old lamps, as well as some sweet Pyrex bowls), cropped jackets from the 60s, leather wedges from the 70s.

Also, it’s not just the clothing or small items: in Red Fox Vintage Woodstock, you can find antique furniture, dating back to the 1800s, which I believe is fantastic. Prices vary and depend on the vendor, but most are moderate and reasonable.

The store itself is neat, filled with good vibes. There is a store all the way in the back too (I believe it is called Omen), offering minimalist clothing. Some suggested you should visit the store at the time of Woodstock farmers market. We can’t confirm this, but it seems to us.

Lounge Lizard

1310 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Legend says that Lounge Lizard is vintage Jewel of the Furniture (I just made that up), filled with lights, decor, art, tables, chairs; you name it. It is full of lights, lamps, and pendants, almost everything being mid-century.

Staff is friendly, and most importantly, knowledgeable. They don’t just smile and bow so that you give them your money; they indeed work for it, make suggestions, and will explain to you why THIS is better than THAT, which is more than beneficial.

It is a very colorful store, vivid, almost like a dream. The place is funky, the staff is funky, and so is the stuff! But you know what else is funky? Prices. Yeah, Lounge Lizard isn’t cheap, so prepare your wallet. Then again, it’s worth it if you find the item that completes you.

House Of Vintage

3315 SE Hawthorne Blvd

I mean, you can’t write an article on vintage shops in Portland without mentioning the House of Vintage. The House of Vintage doesn’t have a single ruler; instead, it is used by many dealers, who offer various merchandise.

Here, you can find furniture, clothes, and decorations (amongst other things). HoV is also continually expanding, slowly growing from the house to a mansion. Most think that’s cool; others disagree. Why? More dealers mean more vintage stuff, but also less space.

If you don’t know what you are looking for, but are confident that you are looking for SOMETHING, go to the House. There, you can find anything, from old furniture to vintage skateboard (literally).

Half Pint

3920 N Mississippi Ave

Are you a fan of leather things? If you are, Half Pint is the place for you. It is unique; there’s no denying it. Here, you can find vintage and used/second-hand leather items, mostly footwear.

Also, you can find belts, purses, bags; all leather. Everything has that Western flair to it, each object being well maintained and displayed at the right spot.

The staff is professional, unmistakeably knowledgeable about the items (and leather in general). They will advise you about your purchase, but also suggest how you should maintain the purchased item.

What surprised me most were the sane prices; I thought everything would cost more because, well, it’s leather, genuine leather. If you want brand names, here they are: Justin, Lucchese, Ariat, Tony Lama, Minnetonka, Nacona, Red Wing, etc.

Final Thoughts On Portland Vintage Shopping

No, these aren’t the only vintage shops in Portland OR. We don’t even claim these are the best shops. The shops we mentioned are the ones we liked the most.

Some are more expensive than others, some offer furniture, others clothes, and some offer everything that comes to your mind. But that’s a good thing; we need more vintage shops, for they allow us to express ourselves more than conventional, modern stores.

Sometimes modernity sucks. Sometimes, you want to lose yourself in the corridors of history, stuck between a Japanese silk jacket and the 80’s leather jackets. Why not, right?

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