COVID-19 Disinfecting Services

Reduce risk of infection and any other heath hazards.

covid-19 disinfecting services

Covid-19 Disinfecting Services

Consistently Clean

Clean Affinity provides Covid-19 Disinfecting Services for residential and commercial spaces through professional and strict practices and guidelines.  Our curated Covid-19 disinfecting services will create a safer, cleaner environment for you and your occupants!  All of our disinfectants are EPA approved and meet CDC guidelines. Our staff are specially trained and outfitted with equipment to efficiently handle the cleaning, thoroughly and safely. 

Benefits of Our Sanitizing


Whether you’re in need of a disinfecting for a hotel, resort, office, community venue, or residential space, the team here at Clean Affinity takes pride in our Covid-19 disinfecting services.  Our carefully strategized practices and talented staff’s abilities allow us to reduce the bacteria, germs and allergens in your designated service location with surreal precision!  Our Covid-19 disinfection services are guaranteed to create a safe, comfortable environment for the occupants of your desired service space.

covid-19 disinfecting services
covid-19 disinfecting services

The Right Tools For The Job

Guaranteed Satisfaction!

When regarding Covid-19, you can never be too careful.  When providing Covid-19 disinfecting services, our team is specially trained and outfitted with the best disinfecting equipment possible to keep our staff and all of our clients safe from infection.  We make sure to take all of the right products, at the right time.  We’re dedicated in ensuring our services completely disinfect your serviced space, and keep you and your occupants safe from infection!

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One-Time Cleaning

200% Guaranteed!

We think you’ll love us, but if you don’t, we guarantee your clean 200%!

If you hate-hate your clean we will refund you 100% without and hassle. We will then donate an equal cleaning to someone undergoing cancer treatment thru Cleaning For A Reason.
We are pretty sure you will love-love us though. Our online reviews don’t lie!

This was my first time using a professional cleaning company. I’m getting a space in my house ready for a renter and it was all too much to get my house cleaned by myself. I really wanted that super deep clean. After I first reached out by email to Clean Affinity, I got a quick response and an accurate quote. All communications were friendly, polite, informative, and timely. Grace and Chelsea arrived on time, and blasted through the space with gusto, getting it super clean and sparkling. They absolutely met my expectations and I will be using this company again in the future. A great first experience for sure.

Sally C.

Natasha gave my apartment the first deep cleaning it's had since the Covid "Shutdown" began a whole year ago! She cleaned and polished floors, furniture, bathrooms, and kitchen. My apartment was such a joy to return to that afternoon: opening the front door, I could smell the freshness! Wonderful. It really lifted my spirits to return home to such a clean, bright apartment. Now, I have completed my Covid Vaccination shots, and I have a bright, clean apartment. I'm all set!! A new woman!

Nita P.

Ari and Daisy made me feel reassured that I was in good hands. When I came home they had done such a great job and I felt such a relief during such a stressful time of moving a family to another state and getting our condo SUPER DEEP cleaned for selling. They were very sweet and let me know when they were all done, I’m very satisfied.

Alexis M.

A wonderful cleaning service with hardworking, professional cleaning techs and outstanding customer service. Our tech, Tawny, always leaves our house sparkling and takes care of all of our special requests. Highly recommend.

Kristen R.

Over the years we have used Clean Affinity for home and office cleaning, including move in/move out. They are incredibly professional and easy to work with. The techs are super nice and detail oriented. Our tech, Grace, is excellent. I wholeheartedly recommend Clean Affinity.

Danielle R.

First Time house (actually 600Sq Ft Apt) Cleaning last week and It was fabulous - I feel like a princess in my own palace - Windows so clear, everything sparkling - Obviously moved everything and cleaned places that have not seen daylight since I moved in last March 2020!! Natasha was awesome - got here early and started early with a greeting of my dog Sophie and cat Victor that she worked around for 3.5 hours!!. Also got to meet Sydney the supervisor for a minute as she checked in. Great team and experience - I will be referring you and schedule other cleans for myself!! Beth N

Beth N.

I called Clean Affinity because I liked their policy of not using any chemicals. I was so pleased with the work Meg and Tawny did in my apartment. They did a fantastic job and I would certainly use them again.

Gina M.

My home has been completely transformed! This company is responsive, personable, invested in going above and beyond, and their employees are complete pros.