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Healthy and Clean

Salem, and all of Oregon, cares about the health of the planet. We share these values and are committed to providing a cleaning service that uses only eco-friendly, non-toxic, fragrance-free products on every job.

When you come back home, you will notice an indistinguishably fresh smell. No lingering chemical stink of fake scents or even essential oils. Just the smell of your house without all the funky. We want your home (or business) to be as clean as you would do it if you had the time, energy, and motivation.

Clean Home in Salem

How it works
  • Nontoxic Products

    Nontoxic products super charged with “oomph” and attention to detail. 100% fragrance free!

  • Genuine Clean

    Hiring for attitude and training for skill leaves your house sparkling clean every time!

  • Consistent + Reliable

    Cleaners who knows your home and preferences. Recurring schedules, reminders, and online payments!

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We value your Trust!

Our cleaning service starts with our hiring and training process. We background check all employees and put them thru an intense one-on-one training process to learn the ropes.

House cleaning is not for the timid and we expect a lot of elbow grease from our cleaning techs to compliment our ecofriendly products. We are trustworthy, committed and hard working so that we can guarantee you will love our work.

Cleaned by Clean Affinity

House Cleaning Services in Salem, Oregon

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Recurring Cleaning

Weekly, Every other week, or Monthly Cleaning Services.

If you have kids or pets you know how the messes multiply when you aren’t looking. At least once a week, every other week, or month you can enjoy the peace that comes from having the WHOLE house clean at the same time.

Now, doesn’t that sound like more fun than chasing dust bunnies around the house? When you hire our team to handle your cleaning, we take the burden off of your shoulders so that you can make time for what matters.

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One-Time Cleaning

Perhaps your mother-in-law is coming to visit and you would like for her to think you are the domestic goddess that you try to be while balancing your career, kids, pets, and every other responsibility on your plate.

Maybe you just need a little extra help getting on top of things because… life happens…

Our thorough one-time cleaning follows our Classic Clean checklist, but will be based off your priorities.
For this service, we do not start with a in home estimate so the quote is “sight unseen” and are charged hourly.

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Deep Cleans

We see it all the time and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Clean Affinity’s professional and super friendly house cleaning technicians are all you need to get your home sparkling clean.
If your home or business is in need of regular cleaning, we offer affordable prices for regular appointments designed to fit your schedule. We make every effort to provide you with a consistent, reliable clean so you are “wow-ed” every single time.

Before starting regular recurring service or just because you need a hand getting back on top of things, we offer a deep cleaning service.

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our of our cleaners in salem
What we do
Free Welcome Visits
Before starting a recurring schedule we always do a complimentary in-home Welcome Visit and will assess to see if your home needs the full Elite Clean or if a larger Classic Clean would be more suiting for your needs. For every clean we use the same ecofriendly products that are 100% fragrance-free and all natural.
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Green Cleaning

For us, eco-friendly cleaning is merely an extension of our personal values. As a professional cleaning company, we use cleaning products your grandmother would likely recognize, but super charged with our efficient technique and macho elbow grease.
We do not use bleach or other caustic chemicals. We are happy to use whatever product you provide if you have a special need, just leave it out for us in a conspicuous location.

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Move Out Cleaning

Let Clean Affinity handle your move in or move out house cleaning. We will give it all a thorough scrub including inside cabinets and drawers.

Please note, insides of appliances is by request for an additional charge and we don’t clean windows, but can offer recommendations.
Call us today so that you can concentrate on turning your new house into a home.

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We’re Hiring!

We are always hiring awesome people because our services are in such high demand. Our low turnover of both cleaners and clients means there is stability and security.

Factoid: on average we receive about 60-100 applications to make a single hire. That’s just how serious we are about finding the best of the best.

Are you ready to join us?

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What we do

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

At Clean Affinity we do not use any “disinfectants” because they can contribute to the creation of “super bugs”. We use microfiber cloths and plant-based cleaning products which loosen and remove germs.

We are proud to do our part to protect the environment and the health of your family. As an eco-friendly company, will remain committed to only using cleaning products that are safe for your family and the earth.


We are more than a maid service

Because of jobs, parenthood, and the little things in life, before you realize it is the end of the day and the house is a mess and you just can’t be bothered to scrub the tub. We understand!

Here is where Clean Affinity in Salem steps in to do for you what you do not have time to do for yourself, and that is a thorough house cleaning.

Do yourself a favor and let our professional cleaning service keep your home environment clean and healthy starting today. We will be deep green cleaning your home while you and your family spend the day enjoying the beautiful landscape in and around Salem.

salem or cleaning team

Salem Area Clean Team

Meet the Team

  • All employees go thru a one-on-one training process with tests and exams.
  • Our value is in the high caliber employees we hire. Hiring the right people the very important to us and our clients.
  • Cleaners are screened and background checked before hire.

We’re Hiring!Meet Our Team
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Service in Salem

How we do it

Clean Affinity’s highly trained staff use the safest, most eco-friendly products to keep your home feeling and looking its best.

Our cleaning professionals (we do not call them maids) do more than just wipe down counters and sweep the floors. It is our job to remove the dirt, not just move it around like some cleaning companies. We understand your needs will change in a hurry with kids, pets, husbands, and the like.

Love from our Salem, OR clients

These are actual feedback survey comments from our clients.

We believe that cleaning does not require harsh, toxic chemicals that smell terrible. Nontoxic alternatives will do a quality job when used efficiently and with proper training.

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