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House Cleaning Services in Portland, OR

You can maintain the cleanliness of your home with services from Clean Affinity. Whether you need a one-time cleaning or regular visits, we save you a lot of time with our quality housekeeping. Next time you need to spruce up the place, get in touch with our team for professional house cleaning services.

What Are Classic Cleans?

Home maintenance is a time-consuming task that detracts from everything else you need to do in your busy day. Classic Cleans give you back the time to do other things. The beauty of our housekeeping service is that they are regularly scheduled when it’s convenient for you. You will even receive an email reminder and the option for automatic payments. Although we recommend an initial Deep Clean to start, a Classic Clean by our friendly cleaning techs will maintain the freshness of your home.

Standard services offered with our Classic Cleans include:

  • Cobweb removal
  • Removing dust and grime
  • Vacuuming an Mopping floors
  • Thorough kitchen and bathroom cleaning

Our cleaning techs are able to do much more upon request. We pride ourselves in giving personal attention to our clients in the Portland, OR area.

Services Offered with Classic Cleans

Classic Cleans are perfect for maintaining the most-used parts of your home and keeping a tidy appearance. Using our proven, high-efficiency method of cleaning, our cleaning techs will leave your home looking amazingly fresh and clean. We use only all-natural, non-toxic, chemical and odor-free products that are as safe on your surfaces as they are on the environment. Just a few natural cleaning agents and a whole lot of elbow grease and determination – that’s all it takes! Our house cleaning services usually entail any of the following services:


    Removed from ceilings, walls & corners with a high duster

    Window sills and ledges
    Shelves, tables, mantels, built-ins, and other horizontal surfaces
    Decorative objects
    Lamps & light fixtures
    Baseboards & woodwork
    Around door handles & light switch plates


    Window over kitchen sink
    Sink basin, faucet, and fixtures clean & polished
    Hand wash a few dishes; as many as will fit safely on a dish towel
    Appliances wiped down & polished
    Fronts of cabinets, drawers & handles
    Countertops & backsplash
    Toaster & toaster oven trays emptied
    Stovetop surface & hood exterior cleaned
    Microwave inside & out


    Mirrors spotless & streak free
    Sink & backsplash
    Faucets and fixtures clean & polished
    Soap dispenser or dish & Toothbrush holder or base wiped down
    Counters, shelves & cabinet fronts
    Toilet inside & out
    Showers & tubs thoroughly scrubbed
    Floor hand-mopped


    All hard surface floors vacuumed & mopped
    Carpets & rugs vacuumed
    Underneath small area rugs, and under the outer edges of large rugs
    Under furniture and beds vacuumed (with high enough clearance)
    Chairs, pillows, cloth headboards, couch surface area vacuumed
    Pet beds & cat trees vacuumed

Special Requests

There are a few special cleaning services we are happy to provide upon request that must be arranged prior to our visit. Some of the more time-consuming tasks may have an extra cost.

By-request services include:

  • Changing sheets - sheets must be left out and obvious (we won't look through your cupboards or laundry basket). Changing multiple beds takes time, which may be factored into your standard rate.
  • Emptying trash/recycling/compost - let us know where your liners are; we don't carry them!
  • Dusting large-slat blinds or shutters - this takes time and may require extra cost
  • Inside Oven Cleaning - extra cost
  • Inside Fridge Cleaning - extra cost
  • Cleaning an additional room or area not originally estimated in your basic service

Our cleaning techs are able to do much more upon request. Email us to arrange a special request for your next cleaning!

    Things We Can’t Do…

    There are some things that are not included in our regular service. We are happy to recommend a company that can provide these services when possible.

  • Clean exterior and/or elevated windows, or “window washing.”
  • Clean mini-blinds or draperies; they break too easily!
  • Move large or heavy furniture; we don’t want to damage your furniture or floors, or our cleaning techs!
  • Clean areas outside the house: windows, walkways, patios, yards, garages, etc.
  • Full sinks of dishes, or unload dishwasher.
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Roll up large area rugs, or take rugs outside for beating.
  • Clean inside any normally “hidden” areas, including medicine cabinets, under sinks, and closets – we respect your privacy!
  • Put away clothes or toys
  • Reorganize anything, such as on desktops or workspaces—we don’t know what may be important to you!
  • Throw anything away that’s not already in the trash—again, we don’t know what’s important!
  • Household laundry
  • Any kind of non-cleaning maintenance tasks
  • Clean up potentially hazardous substances, in compliance with OSHA regulations. This includes human or animal waste, emptying litter boxes, and diaper pails.

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      If you are searching for a recurring cleaning service, look no further than Clean Affinity. We offer residential cleaning services that will leave your home spotless. The time you save with our house cleaning services, you can now spend doing the things you want to do!

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