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It was so much faster than any other cleaning we’ve had! That’s important when we both work from home. I haven’t been home for long, but everything looks great!Sydney B.
I always notice the sparkling, gleaming counter tops first since the sunlight thru the windows reflect on the counter surfaces. Then the clean floors and rugs are always a joy to see. After doing them myself for 44 years, it is a special luxury to have them cleaned. We appreciate the hard work and detailed cleaning of our home.

Thank you!Laura T.

First thing was the fresh smell. No chemical smell. Just nice and clean. But then I saw my stove and oven. Looked brand new!! So so happy!
The feel of the clean hardwoods on my bare feet.
The nice clean cabinet doors in the kitchen.
Everything just looked great.Melissa S.
Great job with cleaning the top of the stove. My husband is super messy when he cooks!Heidi C.
The floors were literally gleaming! Becky is amazing. Can’t tell you how much she has made my life better.Rachel Z.
Jesa was kind and friendly. She got our kitchen cabinets cleaner than they have EVER been (and we have cleaned them many times! Did she use magic?) Everything she did, she did extremely well. Gillian B.
Kitchen and bathroom counters were shiny, surfaces in the bedroom and living areas were well-dusted. Now, if we could only tackle our clutter 😉Janet G.
Everything feels light and bright when I came home today! Thanks to Araceli for taking the time to make it feel personal and cared for….Ellie W.

Araceli always does a great job, and she is fun to have around. She represents your business very well! They oven looks new, all sparkly and no longer terrifying. Maggie T.
House was sparkling as usual!!
Rachel is fabulous…please keep her coming to our house!!Vicki R.
Becky is great and attentive to needs, friendly but gets to work!Emmy R.
The floors were so clean and all the dust bunnies were gone! The tub sparkled and all the random hard to reach spots were clean. Everything looked great. Such a relief to have a spic and span house. Pam S.
Noticed that there was nothing to notice — just clean. Love it! So glad/relieved our experience with our first clean was an anomaly — today’s clean is everything we’d hoped for.Kate M.
Aracelli is an efficient cleaner… she works quickly and gets things done.Margie R.
Becky is magic. I keep thinking I will get used to having my house cleaned and it won’t feel like a big deal, but that just hasn’t happened. (Thank you so much for the extra attention to the floors this week!) Tuesday is my favorite day of the week now.Rachel Z.

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Araceli is a great addition to your staff. She is friendly and thorough and conscientious —- got held up in traffic and called to let me know she’d be a little late. I asked her to dust the blinds and wipe out the window tracks, which she did. Left me a note saying she’d seen a line of ants coming in (we’d talked about that problem, gross), around an electrical outlet, so she’d taped it up to show them who was boss — good move! I will be pleased any time she comes to my house.Maggie T.
Thank you to Rachel for being so gracious about my “white glove” complaints. And a “good job!” Shout out to Jessa, the trainee! Thanks!!Laura S.
The house smelled great, the dust was gone and my son came up from the shower saying, ” the walls are shiny !”

Becky was very friendly and chatted and then got down to business! Perfect mix quite honestly.

It was great. thanks!Emmy R.

Amazing! Don’t know what I’d do without you guys!Danielle R.
The upstairs bathroom looked great–especially the sink. It truly sparkled! As always, love those vacuum patterns in the carpet–silly but true. Hope Araceli enjoyed working with Rachel as much as we like her! Happy Labor Day!Laura S.
I almost cried when I came home and saw how clean and shiny our floors were! I don’t think they were this clean since we first bought our house, to be honest! The kitchen floor was a disaster too, and the floors and kitchen counters were sparkling. The master bathroom shower walls were so greatly improved too!Terri W.
The first things I noticed were the cute little extra touches: the tidied bookshelf, the folded paper towel, and the TP art! 🙂 It was so wonderful to walk into a sparkling clean home. Rachel did a great job and I really appreciated that she was able to get behind my claw foot tub and that she did such a good job on my window tracks. There were still a couple of spots on the kitchen counter that didn’t get quite all the way cleaned but overall she did awesome and I am so happy to be working with her. Thank you so much!!Lauren K.
Really appreciated that the cleaner vacuumed/swept behind the couch. Dirt can really collect back there and I really appreciate the attention to detail that our cleaner shows!Rachel Z.

Excellent as always. Thorough cleaning, with all the little hallmarks of excellent work (folded towels, sparkling appliances, etc.). Y’all really do a great job every time.Sylvan G.
Everything was tucked, folded, arranged and put away so thoughtfully!Allie N.
Rachel does a great job!! I hope we can always have her clean our home. She does a great job. No issues other than LOVING you guys!!Vicki R.
Rachel does a great job every time! Can tell my house has been cleaned and she even is kind enough to find loose coins, library cards, and little random things my children have tucked in corners.Linda L.
Everything just looked and felt so much cleaner and better. They even got the meat slicer and the bottom kitchen island shelf, which was a dust wasteland. No annoyances. Great job overall!Chana P.
We are always so delighted and impressed after our home has been cleaned from top to bottom by Becky. She is friendly, reliable, thorough, and someone we trust completely to do an excellent job. At this stage of our retired lives, Becky has quickly become a necessary part of living in our two-floor home.Laura T.
Alicia did a super job, we are adding her name to the long list of very capable GCQ team members …Pete P.
Everything looked amazing. The rug in the kitchen hasn’t looked that clean since I took it to the rug cleaners. Thank you for doing such a great job.Helen H.
Shiny floors and surfaces always make my home feel “sparkly” clean. I also really apprrciate the small touches: folded toilet paper and paper towel ends; stuffed animal set up on the bed; etc.Josh S.

Our philosophy is that clean does not require harsh chemicals. That there are safe, nontoxic alternatives that still do a quality job.

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