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Genuine, Green House Cleaning: Mindful and Meticulous.

What we do

Green House Cleaning

Hold up one minute. Are you interested in apply to our SALEM branch? If so, click here. If you are applying to our Portland branch, keep on readin’! 

We provide an environmentally friendly, green house cleaning service. We are growing quickly and are always looking for long-term employees. As a Clean Affinity employee, you will get to see the most beautiful homes in Portland. You will get to meet the nicest, most appreciative clients ever. All while being in a dream-job work environment. Yes, we work hard, but we enjoy it – so you should, too! You WILL need a car for this job. Ideally we only hire full-time, M-F 8-6. We will hire a part-time position for the right person. The application is near the bottom of this page.


Genuine Green Cleaning: Mindful and Meticulous.
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Why Work with us

What We Offer

No Hovering Boss

Sometimes you’ll be with a team, but usually on your own! Employment starts with a 4-week one-on-one training program. Once you pass that, you’ll get a pay raise and your own set of clients.
We reimburse for mileage and payday is every 7th and 21st with direct deposit.


We only use the safest, GREENEST cleaning products! Everything we use is as safe as salt. No dyes, no perfumes. No funky fumes or anything toxic. We do this mostly for YOUR sake… our clients appreciate it, too.

Living Wage

We pay you because you do hard work! Get paid to get fit! Our clients pay for, and expect quality work which is why we pay competitively. Pay starts at $12-$15+/hr – but expect that to go up even more this year with the minimum wage increase.

Our Core Values

We value family and believe it to be foundational for a healthy, productive society.
We value loyalty to each other, our clients, and our shared goals.
We nurture a sense of camaraderie: mutual trust and friendship.
We are all about empathy and leading reciprocity.
We strive today to be the person we want to grow up to be.
We lead change by being the first to demonstrate it.
We are pragmatic, honest, and positive.
We acknowledge failure, learn from mistakes, and never sacrifice credibility by passing blame.
We know ourselves and our strengths and weaknesses.
We listen first and read between the lines to understand assumptions.
We want to be masters of paraphrasing and adept at asking clarifying questions.
We know that by improving our personal power, we improve the power of those around us.

We can´t wait to meet you!

About You – The basics…

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Here’s a sneak peek into what it’s like to work here!

You’ll know your schedule for the next week (Monday to Sunday) by the Friday before. It isn’t final, but it will give you an idea of what to expect. Expect it to change.

You will know the final schedule for the next day by 5pm the night before. Your jobs will be displayed on an app on your phone.

You will have all the supplies and equipment you will need with you. Leave your house and go directly to the job site. The app will have directions so you know when you’ll need to leave to be there on time.

You enter the home, and greet the client if they’re home, but usually they aren’t.

Clean the clients home. Make a towel elephant if you want. Do some fancy toilet paper origami! Have a little fun!

When done with the first job, you’ll have drive time and break time.

Repeat at the next job.

Go home.

You get paid for the time spent working – obviously… you also get paid for your time driving AND a generous mileage reimbursement! Keep track of your mileage!

We pay on the 7th and the 21st of the month. We offer direct deposit.

During the week, our Field Manager will drive around and meet up with you to see how you’re doing and what you need help with. We want to make sure you aren’t over your head with a new job, and that you have all the supplies and equipment you need to rock the job for your client.

You’ll be cleaning for the same clients so the jobs get a lot easier as you get to know the place.

Think this sounds like your kind of gig? Then hurry up and apply! We want to hear from you!

So, I like to give applicants a list of questions I like to ask. I find that it makes the interviewees more relaxed and I can actually get to know them better!

Here are a list of some of my favorite questions:

Where do you see yourself in 1 year?
If you could get any job you wanted, what would be your dream job?
What are your hobbies or how do you spend your free time?
What’s the biggest decision you’ve had to make in the past year, and why was it so big?
What are you most proud of?
What is something you’d be happy doing every single day for the rest of your career?
If you were given $50K to start a business, what would you do? How would you do it?
Tell me about a time you screwed up? How did you handle it?
Tell me about a time when you went beyond the call of duty in helping a customer, client or stranger.
Tell me about how you clean your own house.

Our ideal employee is one who is very friendly. You don’t have to be outgoing – this is a great job for introverts. Someone capable of carrying on a short, pleasant conversation without getting flustered or saying anything too inappropriate.

Availability is the next determining factor… ideally we hire only full-timers (M-F).
IF you have over a year of experience cleaning house, we might decide that we can still get your training done within a 4 week period. It’ll be short, but intense. THEN we may hire for a part-time position. In which case you will need to be available for at least 3 days a week.

We value our employees and we take it VERY seriously that we help you support yourself and your family. It’s important to us to keep your schedule as full as you like it (between 30-40 hrs a week).

Basic requirements are:
You must have a car that is reliable and available to you at all times.
You must have a cell phone that can run apps. That’s how you know your work schedule and for clocking in and out.

This is a physically demanding job. You will be in the best shape of your life. You will hurt from time to time – especially when you first start. Once you get over that hurdle of physical exhaustion you will find that you have epic energy levels and nothing can stop you!

Reliability and long-term are very important to us and our clients. We only hire people that we know will not flake out on us or make excuses. Our clients get attached to whoever cleans their home and don’t like having a different person every time.

We hire trustworthy people. You will be in the clients home – their biggest investment – where they raise their children – make memories – rest and relax… it’s a personal thing to clean someone’s home. We do not peek in things, we do not judge, we are trustworthy as if we were their best friend and secret keeper.