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We recommend all clients looking to start a recurring service begin with an initial Deep Clean. These are a really big deal – a super intensive and thorough scrubbing of your home!

The goal is to eliminate all the dirt, dust, and petrified grime that has set up shop in the corners, nooks and crannies of your home while you weren’t looking. Starting off with a Deep Clean lets us bring things to a good maintenance level that’s easier for us – and you – to maintain.

On average, these cleanings take about 2-3x longer than a standard Classic Clean. These are scheduled as an all-day job. It’s a very detailed process that just takes time to do it right! Depending on the size of your home, we may send up to 3 cleaning techs.

All of our products are non-toxic, chemical and odor free, and environmentally safe for your family, your pets, and your house!

Elite Clean Service

Our cleaning techs can only carry so much equipment on them, so if you have a sturdy step ladder for dusting your ceiling lights and other high up areas, we ask you please leave it out for us! We do not clean inside any cabinets or drawers unless they are empty in which case it is technically a “move in/out clean.”

You can request add-on services to your Deep Clean (these are NOT automatically included):

  • Inside Oven cleaning – please run your self-cleaner if you have one before cleaning day!
  • Inside Fridge cleaning
  • Dusting large-slat blinds or shutters (no mini-blinds; they break way too easily!)
  • Emptying trash/recycling– let us know where your liners are; we don’t carry them!
  • Wiping out window/sliding door tracks
  • Sweeping front/back porch or outside stairs – weather permitting, and you’ll have to provide the broom ! :)
  • Hand wash a few dishes if necessary – as many as will fit safely on a standard dish towel
  • Just ask us if you have any other special requests, most likely we can do them!

We take our quality and reputation very seriously, and guarantee the highest standard of cleaning for your home. There will be a lead or highly experienced cleaning tech on your Deep Clean crew who will make sure those standards are met. We may even have a manager drop by for an on-site quality assurance check!

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What to Expect


  • Cobwebs removed from ceilings, corners, and walls with high duster
  • Light fixtures and ceiling fans cleaned by hand. (If you provide step ladder)
  • Dusting all surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth – the goal is to remove dust, not just move it. (A dry cloth on electronics, of course)
  • Baseboards, woodwork, and trim wiped down
  • Tidy beds
  • Vacuum all floors (note: we will open all doors just to be sure we aren’t missing anything and to vacuum closet floors a bit.)
  • Vacuum outside AND inside of upholstered furniture
  • Damp mop hard floors


  • Thoroughly clean outside of cabinets and drawers
  • Get those pesky cobwebs and goobers that live on the kickboard
  • Scrub down backsplash with extra attention to high use areas like around the stove and sink
  • Move all items on counter to clean into the corners and wipe all of those items down
  • Wipe down appliances and polish stainless steel or chrome
  • Empty toaster & toaster oven crumb trays
  • Clean inside and out of the microwave
  • Wipe down outside of fridge
  • Wipe inside and out of stove hood
  • Thoroughly clean stovetop and outer surfaces
  • Wipe outside and gasket of the dishwasher
  • Clean the window over the sink
  • Scrub the sink, faucet and fixtures
  • Mop the floors


  • Scrub tub/shower with ample amounts of elbow grease and professional know-how
  • Toilet cleaned thoroughly inside & out, including the surrounding floor and walls
  • Mirror spotless and streak-free
  • Soapdish/dispenser and toothbrush holder gunk-free
  • Sink, faucet and fixtures cleaned
  • Counter tops & cabinet fronts clean
  • Shake out or vacuum bathmats
  • Wipe floor by hand
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Things We Can’t Do…

There are some things that are not included in our service. We are happy to recommend a company that can provide these services when possible.

  • Shampoo carpets
  • Clean exterior or vaulted windows, or “window washing.”
  • Clean mini-blinds or draperies; they break too easily!
  • Move large or heavy furniture; we don’t want to damage your furniture or floors, or our cleaning techs!
  • Clean areas outside the house: windows, yards, garages, etc.
  • Full sinks of dishes, or unloading the dishwasher.
  • Roll up large area rugs, or take rugs outside for beating.
  • Clean inside any normally “hidden” areas, including medicine cabinets, under sinks, and closets – we respect your privacy!
  • Put away clothes or toys
  • Reorganize anything, such as on desktops or workspaces—we don’t know what may be important to you!
  • Throw anything away that’s not already in the trash—again, we don’t know what’s important!
  • Household laundry
  • Any kind of non-cleaning maintenance tasks
  • Clean up potentially hazardous substances, in compliance with OSHA regulations. This includes human or animal waste, emptying litter boxes, and diaper pails.


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