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Green House Cleaning

We provide an environmentally friendly, green house cleaning service. We are growing quickly and are always looking for long-term employees. As a Clean Affinity employee, you will get to see the most beautiful homes in Portland. You will get to meet the nicest, most appreciative clients ever.

All while being in a dream-job work environment. Yes, we work hard as Portland’s best house cleaners, but we enjoy it – so you should, too! You WILL need a car for this job. Ideally we only hire full-time, M-F 9-5. We will consider a part-time position for the right person. The application is near the bottom of this page.

Natural House Cleaning Job - Now Hiring!

What it's like to work at Clean Affinity?

What We Offer


Sick of hovering bosses? Sick of middle management that just doesn’t care? This is your cure. We understand those fears but with app-based scheduling and frequently vacant homes cleaning with us truly is the customer service job for the introvert.

The owner of Clean Affinity, Joanna Douglas, has nearly a decade of cleaning experience and knows the struggle of being in the field, and with juggling 3 kids she understands the important balance between family and work life. Family and flexibility are always at the forefront of Joanna’s business practices and communication is the glue that holds it together. This makes requesting time off to take care of personal problems a high priority and Joanna is quick to point out that “no issue is to small to ask”.

We believe that the purpose of middle management is to be a two-way filter. Take in the complaints and issues from below and form them into problems with workable solutions for above, and take in the big picture ideas from above and make them into completable tasks for below. This translation of meanings is done expertly by our managerial team with more than 7 years of combined cleaning experience. Heavy traffic putting you a little behind to your next clean? Not a problem, we’ll let the client know and move around your other cleans if necessary. No answer at the door and no key to be found anywhere? That’s ok, just sit tight while we contact the client and see what’s up. Broke your mop head? Don’t freak out, another one is on it’s way too you!

Plus without the constant bombardment of questions from management and co-workers you will have more time to bear down and accomplish the task at hand. Not to mention jam to your favorite music or get caught up on that pod-cast/ audio-book series you have been meaning to listen to!

Consistency & Sustainability

8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, guaranteed weekends isn’t a bad gig. And with all natural cleaning products that time isn’t spent inhaling toxic fumes and touching chemicals, it’s spent scrubbing deep and focusing on the details so you come away feeling refreshed and active, not suffocated and lethargic.

The only thing boring about 9 – 5 is sitting behind a desk, or register, for that long. Not here. At Clean Affinity we offer an active work place to compliment your active lifestyle and with guaranteed weekends off you’ll still have plenty of time for the things you want to do. With us you won’t just be able to see the fruits of your labor but you’ll be able to feel it too. There is a certain feeling of accomplishment you get as you turn to survey your work right before you finish a house to notice just how refreshingly clean it truly is and you think: “I did that!”

Don’t worry about pesky cleaning chemicals or harmful fumes, we got you covered there too. We utilize all natural cleaning products and tools like baking soda, pumice stones, and our own mixture of heavy and light plant based cleaning sprays that are safe enough to drink (though I wouldn’t recommend it!). All this combined with your own special kind of love and elbow grease ensures that the effort of cleaning is coming from your strength not your lungs and skin.

Room to Grow

We appreciate the work that you do and we don’t tie you down to a fixed wage. Our Tier system pay, Tier 1 starting at $18.00 an hour, gives you the chance to learn and grow with promotion opportunities every month. Travel? Yes, we reimburse mileage and parking every month. Tips? Keep what you earn and with amazingly generous clients you’ll be earning a lot!

Tier 1 $18.00/hr – Right out of the gate you’ll be doing 10 days of 1:1 training with one of our trainers.  While in Tier 1 you’ll be working on getting a firm hold on our cleaning techniques and getting used to working solo. As soon as your progress (monitored by quality score and efficiency) shows signs of continual improvement you will become eligible for the next Tier. This usually takes on average 2-3 months but your personal pace of learning, attitude, and adaptability to problems determines your personal promotion. No fighting for the position or unnecessary competition.

Tier 2 $19.00/hr – $1 jump! No way! Way. The work that you do is valuable to us and our clients and we show our appreciation for your dedication. At Tier 2 your understanding of our process is solid and your attitude has proven to be helpful and positive. Here our trust for you has grown and your pay grows with it. Now you know enough to move past the big picture and focus on the details to ensure the house your cleaning truly shines. The next Tier will become available to you based on personal attitude and performance. This usually takes 5-6 months (from Tier 1) but again your individual pace determines your individual promotion.

Tier 3 $22.00/hr – $4 in less than a year!? You’re joking!! Nope, we’re serious. Tier 3 individuals enjoy much more than a pay raise. With an increase in quality and trust you will have more freedom to replenish supplies on your own and be exposed to more regular cleans as you interact with and befriend more and more clients. With great cleaning power comes great responsibility! We expect you to share your knowledge and experience with newer or struggling cleaners and help them to achieve the awesomeness you have achieved. Whether that be through the occasional team clean or answering questions that pop up on our messenger app Slack, we trust you to help your fellow cleaner in the battle against puppy hair and dust bunnies!