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Our Policies

These are the guidelines we live by. Please let us know if you have any questions about anything!

  • Access/Entry

    Our cleaners require timely access to your home to do their best job. The best and easiest way for us to serve you is to install a secure lockbox at your home and keep a key inside. The code is kept secured and is only released to technicians who will be cleaning your home. Key boxes on your property allows us the ability to do quality assurance checks. It also means that you are always in control of your key and access to your home.

  • Lock Out Policy

    If we are unable to gain access to your home, we will try to contact you. We will wait a maximum of 30 minutes before leaving. If we are unable to get a hold of you or get in within 30 minutes, a $100 lock out fee will be charged. We recommend always ensuring a key is available in a secure lock box on your property to avoid unnecessary charges. If your home alarm is going off and we are unable to disarm it, we will hang around for a maximum of 30 minutes or until the police arrive.

  • "Waiting" Policy

    If our cleaners are not able to promptly gain access to your home there will be an additional charge added to your invoice. We have to do this because we do everything we can to keep a strict schedule AND do a thorough job cleaning your home. We don’t want to be forced to cut corners so we are out in time to make it to the next job. The fee will be the time spent waiting at $50/hr rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

  • Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

    As a courtesy to our cleaners who are committed to their work and are expecting a full day’s work (they got bills to pay, too!), we require a minimum of 24 BUSINESS hours’ notice if you wish to skip your regularly scheduled cleaning. If you are unable to give us 24 BUSINESS hours’ notice, a $100 cancellation fee will be charged. If an unexpected illness occurs in your home on the day of your clean, please call or email the office prior to 7:30am. We’ll do our best to reschedule your clean, and we will reevaluate the cancellation fee accordingly. If you do skip a cleaning, we will need to add one billed hour to the next one to make up for the long gap and get things back where they should be. If you reschedule the same cleaning more than once to the point that the time between cleanings has doubled, we will consider that a skip and apply the extra time/cost.

  • Schedule Changes

    We take great care to carefully assign every client to a schedule that suits their needs, keeping in balance the cleaners’ schedules and other client schedules. We understand that things happen and you may occasionally need to reschedule. If that is the case, we only change the one date, but otherwise all other cleanings will remain on the original schedule. For example: If you are biweekly, and you want to push your cleaning back a week, it will have been 3 weeks between cleanings and then only 1 week until your next cleaning. We cannot “reset” your cleanings to start from your rescheduled date. Excessive rescheduling will be subject to our cancellation/skip policy.

  • Special Requests, Add-On Services, Upgrades

    If you would like us to do anything special that is not regularly included in your cleaning, please let us know by calling and leaving a message:503-933-1917 or emailing: We will clarify your expectations and let you know if there will be any additional charge. If you just leave a note for your cleaner without contacting the office, they will do what they can but may not have time for your request.

  • Payment Terms

    We accept electronic credit/debit payments only. Before your first cleaning, we will need an approved credit/debit card on file for the job to be considered “confirmed.” Your “Quote for Cleaning” email will have information about how to securely set up your billing details. We will charge your card after services have been completed and a receipt/invoice will be emailed to you. Overpayments will be regarded as tips and the credit will not carry over to your next invoice.

  • Gratuity/Tips

    If you are pleased with your cleaning technician’s efforts, please tell them! Use the feedback survey that is emailed to you after every cleaning. We will forward glowing praise directly to your technician. Tips are greatly appreciated, but not required. Our technicians are paid a living wage so you do not need to worry about subsidizing their pay by tipping. If you do wish to leave a monetary token of your appreciation, please make sure it is clearly indicated that it is the tip and not just some money you left on the counter after emptying your pockets.

  • Tidying and Clutter

    We don’t offer an organizing service at this time. We will tidy items so they look nice, but we will not throw away or rearrange things. We will not put away laundry or dishes. If we move something, we can guarantee that it will be within 3 feet of where we originally found it. Surfaces with many tchotchkes and precious little things may be deep dusted on a rotational basis as we see the need or as you request it to be done.

  • Desk Policy

    We respect your work space as an extension of your metal organization. As a result, any papers or anything even possibly important will not be touched or lifted, but we will do our best to clean around it. That said, a cluttered desk will not be cleaned as well as the rest of your home. We encourage you to clear your desk space on cleaning days if you want us to do our best job.

  • Your Privacy and Personal Space

    It is our policy not to open drawers or cabinets except for those in the kitchen. For us to get your kitchen really clean, we feel we need to clean around cabinet hinges and the tops of drawers. We will open all doors to vacuum the closet floors as much as possible.

  • Changing Bed Sheets

    Removing and replacing sheets on the bed is not assumed with regular service and must be requested. It is our policy to make and tidy all beds and fluff pillows as long as the bed is clear. If you choose to have the sheets changed on your bed, please leave folded sheets on each bed. If you don’t have time to fold them (we totally understand) please leave a note letting us know they are clean! (We don’t want to have to guess or sniff test them… I’m sure you can understand.)

  • Bathmats

    If it would be convenient for you, we would like to not replace dirty bathmats to the clean bathroom floor. We are more than happy to put them in a laundry basket or on the washing machine. We can just shake them out really well (only the kind with the rubber back can be vacuumed well enough) and put them back down, it just hurts us a little to put a dirty bath mat down on a clean floor.

  • Dishes Policy

    If you do not have a perfectly clear sink or counter, that’s OK! We will load an empty dishwasher or hand wash as many dishes as will safely fit on a regular dish towel without having to precariously stack them. Excessively baked on food probably won’t be cleaned to perfection unless your technician is feeling particularly kind and has extra time, but ordinary breakfast dishes will definitely be cleaned for you and left out to air dry. We do not put away dishes.

  • Pet Guidelines

    All our cleaning technicians are comfortable with your pets so long as your pets are comfortable with us! Please let us know how you would like your pets to be handled. If your pet is not going to appreciate a visitor while you are not home, your pet will need to be confined to a kennel or room and that area will not be cleaned by us.

  • Your Cleaners

    Our cleaners are bonded, insured, and paid handsomely for your peace of mind. We perform background checks and provide professional training for all employees. Whenever possible, we send the same technician to your home, but due to vacations, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances, we cannot guarantee the same technician every visit.

  • Referrals

    Much of our new business comes from referrals by happy clients! We are honored by your confidence and are pleased to offer you a $50 credit/discount on your account. We will also give you a $50 gift certificate to give away (you can’t use it for yourself, sorry) to make it easier to refer us to your friends and family and keep those $50 credits rolling in for yourself!

  • Guaranteed Smiles

    Home cleaning is a personal and subjective service. We will always perform the cleaning as outlined before your first cleaning. Your feedback is invaluable to us and the more we hear from you, the better we can respond to your needs and enhance your experience with us. Though we do our best to please you, there may be a time when an item is not cleaned to your satisfaction. If this occurs, it may simply be a case of miscommunication. For us to respond efficiently, concerns requiring inspection must be reported within 24 hours. Our Quality Assurance staff will be glad to assist in a timely fashion, redirect cleaning as necessary, and update your home’s work order to reflect any changes. Please allow some dust to resettle after we leave. We try to limit the dust in the air by damp dusting and using HEPA filtered vacuums, but cannot prevent this entirely.

  • Feedback

    We will email a feedback survey to you after the clean. We appreciate you taking a moment to let us know if we missed anything or if your technician did a stellar clean for you. We utilize feedback for training and refinement opportunities and technicians are financially rewarded for achieving top scores! In essence, your feedback is tipping your cleaner without having to pay extra.

  • Damage and Breakage

    We make every effort to take the greatest care while in your home, but we understand that accidents sometimes happen. Identical replacement is always attempted, but cannot be guaranteed and we will let you make the decision if you would like a credit or a refund. It is our policy for our cleaners to report all damage or breakage to the office right away, but if you notice anything damaged or broken that we haven’t told you about already, please let us know within 48 hours of service. We request that all valuable, irreplaceable, collectible, or heirloom items (whether monetarily or sentimentally valued) be stored and/or not cleaned by our cleaners. Note: We are not responsible for damage due to faulty or improper installation of any item. All surfaces (e.g. marble, granite, etc.) are assumed sealed and ready to be cleaned without causing harm.

  • Alarms and Electronics

    We do our best not to accidentally press any buttons or change any settings on your alarm or electronics. It is still recommended that you confirm everything is set on your alarm so you don’t miss your morning wakeup call! We would feel bad…

  • Dried Flowers

    They are very fragile and prone to dropping their leaves and petals. For that reason, we will not touch or move flowers and will do our best to clean around them without touching them.

  • Table Cloths

    We will do our best to shoo crumbs away, but we will not shake out the tablecloth unless it is cleared or you have specifically requested we shake out the tablecloth.

  • Large Slat Blinds and Shutters

    It is assumed that we will clean them (excluding mini blinds) the best we can for Elite Cleans. It is not assumed that we will maintain them for Classic Cleans unless requested. You may request blind dusting from our Add-On Menu.

  • Mold and Mildew

    We do not carry bleach. If there is an area that you would like us to bleach, we ask that you provide the product and leave it out (not in a cabinet or cupboard somewhere that we have to hunt for) on cleaning day. We highly recommend using a foaming bleach cleaner as liquid will run and has the potential to unintentionally damage surfaces.

  • Special Products for Special Surfaces

    If you have a favorite product you would rather we use, we are more than happy to do so! Just make sure we know to do so and leave the product out for us to find. Keeping it hidden away in a cabinet means we will use whatever product we carry with us.

  • Photos and Pictures

    We may take pictures in your home. There will be nothing in the picture that identifies you such as pictures or street addresses in the picture. We may use these pictures for marketing purposes.

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