Cleaning a Glass Oven Door


Who else is driven to nearly to the breaking point because of those mysterious drips in the oven door that aren’t on the inside, nor are they on the outside, but are in that middle space that is impossible to get to? I think we all know what I’m talking about. They often look like pancake batter and are just an eye sore often tactfully hidden with a well placed towel. We’re all guilty of that, and that’s OK.

Well freak out no more. The internet has provided answers to our prayers. I have found two YouTube videos explaining how to clean the glass inside the oven door yourself. The first is the quick way, it requires a dryer vent cleaner and an old yucky tube sock. It does not require tools, but it also won’t be the most thorough of cleanings. It will be plenty enough to impress your mother-in-law if she is a semi-reasonable person though.

Cleaning inside glass on oven door without taking door apart

The other is much longer, and requires the use of tools. Obscure tools like a star tipped screwdriver. Of course, taking things apart is one thing because everything tends toward disorder, it’s another can of worms putting things back together again. So begin such projects at your own risk, I didn’t tell you to do it, just letting you know how you can do it. In this tutorial they remove the entire door. I don’t think that is entirely necessary, but to each his own. The best you can do is at least understand the principle and decide for yourself how you want to do it.

How to Take Apart an Oven Door to Clean the Glass

And here is a text and picture tutorial for those who don’t want to sit patiently and watch a video, but gleen enough information to get started instead. (I’m that type of person.) She has great pictures and detailed instructions.

One thing I want to make note of. Because of this post, we have had some clients ask if we will clean between the glass in their oven door. Sorry, but we’re not bold enough for that. We’re good with our tools, but there is too much risk to your property for us to feel comfortable tackling that project. The best we can do is empower you with the knowledge to do it yourself and be your cheerleaders.

In the past, I’ve noticed problems with stripping out screws just because the screws are often soft metal. Not to mention I don’t think any of my employees would really feel comfortable taking something apart that they are then responsible for putting back together. I don’t blame them. They emulate my hesitancy.


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