Tipping Your Green Cleaners


We get a lot of questions from new clients before starting our service and one is “Should I tip my green cleaning technician? And How? And When?”

“Do I need to tip my cleaner?”

In a word… no.

Here at Clean Affinity, we don’t expect to be left a tip with every cleaning. (That doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate them!) It just doesn’t feel right to us for you to tip for a service you haven’t had yet. You know? It seems silly to go out to eat and tip the waiter before they’ve even taken your order.

“I still think I should tip… How should I do this?”

If you would like to leave a tip, we ask that you make it separate from your payment for cleaning. Bookkeeping becomes a bit of a nightmare if you include it with your cleaning payment. A separate check or cash is preferred. Any tips are assumed to be for the person cleaning your home that week.

During the month of December, however, we do divide tips proportionately between who cleaned your home and how many times that year to keep it fair as the holidays are historically a big tipping month notorious for schedule and assignment changes.

Here’s how Clean Affinity compensates outstanding service:

Here at Clean Affinity, we have different systems of rewarding fantastic service that don’t require your financial involvement beyond paying your regular cleaning fee.

We are probably one of the few green cleaning companies in Portland that craves any and all feedback from our clients! Seriously! We strive to provide a service that is just right for you and grow our service to provide the same consistent level of awesome for everyone. We are in the business of making you happy and simplifying your life – oh, and we clean really well, too!

So if you are happy with your service, the BEST thing you can do is to let us know!

We make it as easy as we can for you to let us know how you’re feeling about our service by sending you an automated email with a link to a very short, very simple survey. All we ask is your name, date of service, and how you think we did on a scale of 1-5. There are optional areas for you to elaborate about your cleaning should you have time and inspiration to do so. The more we know, the better we can provide a service that consistently makes your life easier allowing you to have more time for things that are important to you. We LOVE to know what was the first thing you noticed? What made you smile? What didn’t make you smile? What did we do differently this time that was good/not so good? If you don’t have time for all this critical examination, that’s fine!

Your feedback is your “tip”

Your feedback has a financial benefit to the technician who cleaned your house. Your 5* feedback counts as a point and after so many points, the technician gets an extra day of paid time off!

So you can “tip” your cleaner without actually having to pay extra! Not a bad deal, huh?

We can only improve our service with your feedback!

So here’s something else you should know. We love positive feedback (who doesn’t?), but we can learn more about how to improve our service with your critical feedback. So please please please do not be shy with your feedback!

It’s also important to mention that your critical feedback never results in punitive discipline for your technician. We don’t take points away from them if you aren’t psyched about your cleaning. Never! Instead we rephrase any critical feedback and share it with the technician to highlight areas of improvement and re-training. We learn and improve and strive to correct the issue so it is no longer an issue. We are very selective about who we hire. Attitude is usually our deciding factor. It’s easier to teach someone how to clean that it is to teach someone to have a good attitude! So when your tech is asking for feedback it’s because they want it to improve and they want to wow you, impress you, and earn that 5* feedback.

What’s the take home message here?

  • We want to grow our business and we are putting our eggs in the “customer service” basket. So we sincerely want to know how you felt about our service. Seriously.
  • And if you want to leave a tip for your cleaner, please leave it as cash or a separate check and not included in your payment for cleaning. That tip will go to the technicians cleaning your home that week.
  • During the month of December we change up the rules a little and divide any tips between the technicians who cleaned your home, and how many times, during the calendar year. We try to keep it fair!
  • We want to know what you think about our service!

Need a Green Cleaning Company in Portland?

So if you are interested in a green cleaning service that is genuinely interested in customer service, we are your best bet! We strive to provide a customer centered service that is a win-win for you, the customer, as well as our employees. We treat our employees well and provide career advancement opportunities for them as well as a living wage.

To learn more about how we can provide the ideal service for you, start by filling in our estimate request contact form here: https://cleanaffinity.com/contact/

Thank you for your time. We look forward to green cleaning your scene!


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