We do not keep clients’ keys for everyone’s safety and security. We have clients use different modes of entry to let us in your home:

  • Someone is home to let us in
  • Hide a key and let us know of location
  • Lockbox/keypad – we just need to know the combination!

Whatever that may be, just let us know ahead of time so our techs know what to do.

If we are genuinely unable to access your home after 30 minutes – we will call/text/wait etc. and we don’t hear from you or have a plan, then we charge a $100 lockout fee because we are still paying our techs for their time and work.

We do ask you to give us at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your cleaning. This is why we send out reminder emails at least 2 days before your scheduled cleaning. If you cancel with less than 24 business hours notice, we do have a $100 late cancellation/lockout fee because we will still pay our techs for their time.

If a cleaning is skipped, it is often necessary to add extra time onto the next cleaning so that we can have time to keep everything up to our standards (and yours!) This is especially true of monthly service. Please know if you skip a clean, 30 minutes will be added. If we don’t end up needing the time, you won’t be charged.

We are happy to accommodate most special requests! If you think of something extra you need done on your next clean, just let us know! The sooner the better so we have room in the schedule.

We send out reminder emails two days ahead of time with a form for you to fill out with any special requests that are NOT additional services (ex: focus on the baseboards, extra love in the kitchen, etc)

If you want to add on an additional service like an oven clean or blinds, things that need more time, we need to know ahead of time because there is an additional charge/time needed. Send us an email directly!

We accept credit and debit cards only, and a card must be on file with us before we show up for your first clean. Nothing is charged until service is complete, it’s just to confirm your spot.

If you get recurring service with us, we will keep the card on file for future billings, but you can change the card on file any time.

Tips are always welcome but certainly not required. You can leave cash for your cleaner(s) – but please leave them a note telling them it’s for them otherwise it won’t be touched. We can also always add a tip on to your cleaning invoice that will be paid directly to them on their next paycheck – just send us an email!

We will not touch any paperwork or important looking items on a desk. We very much want to respect your space. We will move things like keyboards and staplers to dust under/around. We are happy to not touch anything you tell us to.

It is our policy not to open drawers or cabinets except for those in the kitchen. For us to get your kitchen really clean, we feel we need to clean around cabinet hinges and the tops of drawers.

We will open all doors to vacuum the closet floors as much as possible. If there is any room or space we shouldn’t clean or open, just let us know.

Removing and replacing sheets on the bed is not assumed with regular service and must be requested. It is our policy to make and tidy all beds and fluff pillows as long as the bed is clear.

If you would like your sheets changed, ideally let us know so we can add it to your service notes. Otherwise our universal symbol for a sheet change is to leave the clean sheets you want changed folded on the bed. (if they aren’t folded just leave a note that they’re clean).

For safety reasons we only change the sheets on the bottom bunk on bunk beds.  

We consolidate bathroom trash as part of regular service, but other services just need to be requested and we are happy to take out any garbage/recycling or take bins to or from the curb. Just let us know so we can add it to your notes.

Our default is to shake and replace the bathmat. If you would like it put somewhere else, just let us know.

We do not clean mini blinds (aka venetian blinds) but if you have large/slat blinds, we can clean them for an extra charge (takes extra time), just let us know ahead of time so we can schedule it.

We will do some dishwashing for our clients! We will either load the dishwasher (make sure it’s not full of clean dishes) or hand wash the dishes. We will only do as many as will safely fit on the drying rack and/or a standard dish towel on the counter without having to dangerously stack the dishes.

We love pets!

If your pet has special needs to be happy or should be left alone, just let us know about any pet instructions.

We don’t service animal waste for safety reasons.  If we find a little surprise in your home from one of our furry friends we will carefully clean around it and leave you a note to let you know.

Our technicians are fully insured, professionally trained and paid handsomely for your peace of mind. We perform background checks for all employees. Whenever possible, we send the same technician to your home, but due to vacations, illness, or other unforeseen circumstances, we cannot guarantee the same technician every visit.

Much of our new business comes from referrals by happy clients! We are honored by your confidence and are pleased to offer you a $50 credit for every referral that mentions you!

We of course try to be as careful as possible in your home, but accidents sometimes happen. If something gets broken, we will notify you right away and work with you on a solution to make it right!

  • Bio-hazards (mold, blood, vomit, feces, soiled sheets, etc.). We have a great company we can refer for these services.
  • Excessive clutter (we will clean all visible surfaces)
  • General organization
  • Heavy scrubbing of walls
  • Animal waste/pet litter
  • Insect infestation
  • Carpet cleaning (beyond vacuuming)
  • Exterior windows